You know your crazy/insane/mentaly insane when.....

You know your craze/ insane/mentaly insane when.......

1) Voices in your head talk to you frequently and you talk back to then

2) Dancing in the rain is a hobby and sport.

3) Imaginary friends are some of your only friends besides people who also have many imaginary friends

4) You think you're telekinises because the tv channels changed when you sat down on the remote control

5) You think your a warewolf overlord or Vampire Prince

6)You're night mares include any of the following:  Daisies, clowns,  You hanging from a rope tied to your hands,  a cell phone eating you, the guy you hate skopping down the street, or giant monkeys.

7) You imagine that you are dating Edward Cullen and that your name is Bella Swan

8) Your life theme song is from one of the twilight or Harry potter sound tracks

9) You talk to your pets even if its a fish about anything even last nights dinner

10) You know the person writing this

11) You are reading this right now.

Sorry no affence to anyone about it just i was bored and had a random idea!

The End

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