You Know Im No GoodMature

A story about life at GreenField Academy.

Alright, I can see why this looks like a cheesey ending to a movie. The emotional goodbye to tearful parents before staring out of the taxi window to take one last look at the house I wouldnt see for the next school year, and even the rain put the final touches to this heart-wrenching scene playing out in my life. But the truth was that I couldnt have been happier to see the back of that house. Dont get me wrong, I love my home and my family and yes, I was crying because of sorrow but that didn't mean I wasnt ecstatic about getting back to GreenField Academy for my penultimate year there. Yes, the school sounds snobby, and well, it is, but my parents can afford the best for their little Ali. Hey, if that's what you get for being pushed through the vagina of a Chief Executive of the leading natural beauty products company and being made from the sperm of the Chief of New York Police.

So, two hours later, the sky had cleared up and the taxi was rolling through the gates and down the driveway to the entrance of the large, gothic, mansion like college. Looking out of the window as we pulled up, I recognised the hand carved fountain sat in the centre of the courtyard. The fountain was made up of a statue of Lady Annabelle De Souza, the first headmistress of the Academy, and the water was spouting majestically from the mouth of a snake that reminded us to keep our enemies close. Surrounding the fountain, however, were many Bogonia and Anthurium flowers signalling Awareness and Hospitality. It was one of my favourite places to just come and relax, I felt a strange affinity with the place and even though it was out in the open, it always seemed private and enclosed to me, even tranquil. Unlike the screaming person waiting to welcome me.

"Lexi!" came the shrill voice of my room mate and best friend, Emilia. We'd met on the first day of our first year and had been inseperable ever since, "come see our room! We're college students this year and you know what that means..."

"TOP FLOOR SUITES!" we finished together.

The End

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