Almost A DreamMature

This story is about a young girl that tries to fall in love and he takes her for granite. She is lost now and doesn't know what to do. She has no parents and she lives with her crazy grandmother. What will she do to test her will and take the risk?

I walked in through the gate and looked over at the beautiful Jake Mannerson. I have loved him for a long while and he has no idea who I am. I walk to my locker and I put my key in. It got stuck and I yelled, FUCK! I started kicking it and yanking out the key. I feel a warm hand on my should and I heard him say, "Need some help?"

"No" I hadn't even looked at him and I knew that he was a douchebag. 

"Here look, you have to turn it to the right and then pull." He explained.

I turn around and I saw him. He was magnificent. I felt a cold wind run through me. It was Jake.

"Thanks..." I said slowly and quietly. 

"No problem. So, my do you dress like that?" He asked.

"Like what?" i asked confused and almost offended.

"Like emo and dark. I would expect a gorgeous girl like you to wear something like the popular girls (the pops). I like your originality." he told me.

"Thanks...I guess." I responded shyly. 

"I will see you later. Bye." He said.

I almost passed out. He called me gorgeous and that I should a pop. OH MY GOSH!

I walked to class with a huge smile until a whore -like girl walked up to me.

"Eww...It is one of those emo chics. Have you tried to kill yourself? You should. The world would be better." She said.

"Excuse me whore? I wouldn't be talking." I said back.

" Whore?" She came closer and  full on bitch slapped me. It hurt, but and this point all I cared about was her being on the floor in a pool of her own blood. I jumped on top of her and started hitting her. She yelled for me to stop and usually I would have stopped by now, but I kept going. 

"Get off of her right now!" Yelled a teacher. He pulled me of and pushed me toward the office. The nasty was still on the floor crying. I laughed loudly inside.

I got to the principal's office and she kept going on about how bad it is to fight and how I am prohibited to talk to her. I left the office to see my grandma right by the door. She hit me hard in the face and said, "Do it again and you'll be like that whore lying on the concrete."

"You're are such a bitch. I wish your alzheimer's would kill you already!

We drove home and I went o my room. I counted on a scale from 1-10 how hard she hit me and I said 8. I cut a line for every number in my arm.

The End

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