To you.

   So, this is the first time I'm writing in class. It's boring. So, here I am listening to Sean Morris. He's droning on about Ohio, his state project. This is Social Studies and I have to sit next to Jacob, someone not so nice. He's a great artist, though, so that's a plus, I guess. I feel pretty good, got all my assignments turned in. Last night I got into a heated discussion with my friend(or ex-friend), Marissa, because I said our friendship wasn't strong, like it used to be.

  She said, "IDC."

   So that heated it up and eventually we said "Night".

   Cassi and I signed up for College for Kids and graduation is coming up. I was disrespectful towards my mom over the weekend, mainly because I'm tired of her acting like my 15 year old sister rather than my 32 year old mother. Also, my brother, Jordan, kindly woke me up by farting in my face. The little devil. I have no books to read, so I'm writing.(Reading books is usually what I do in this class.)

  I don't have any crushes at school, since my latest crush has gotten a girlfriend. I've been writing to 20 minutes and Sean is still on his first state, Ohio. I want to doodle now, so I'll write later.



   So I forgot to continue writing yesterday. Err, a couple days ago, I mean. -_- Ahh. I just almost sneezaded. <--Spelled on purpose. I don't know why, but I've been angry at my friends, lately. Okay, so maybe I o know why. It feels like we're not really friends. We talk and laugh, but we don't really talk about stuff that matters. Not really. It actually feels like I'm their 'person to talk to, when no one better comes along' friend. It makes me angry, so I haven't been talking to them or even acknowledging them. I know it's not fair and I should act my age and tell them what's up. I can't and I know it's not the christian thing to do. I have a sickening feeling that I'm going to have to apologize to both of them.

   I am definitely going to need God's help in all this. Josie is in a gang and is, like, all about gangs. It gets on my nerves, because gangs are not some toy you can play with when you get angry. It's like a little girl trying on her mommy's heels, they just don't fit. Just like fighting is not something you do for fun. It's serious. Of course Josie like's both of these things and I just want to slap her around and around. Lois is all about gross, dirty, nasty, horrible jokes.

   I don't find them at all amusing, not even remotely funny.

The End

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