To you.

   There's a lot I could say about today. So, I'm just going to write and see what blooms on the page. This morning I woke up in a good mood. I joked and laughed with my friends on the school bus and saw a new kid. I was in 2nd period when I started seeing spots. It was like cutting hole's in a piece of paper and looking through it. I couldn't see in certain places. I raised my hand and told the teacher.(My favorite teacher).

   She said to wait awhile and see if it would go away. The spots, like bright lights, kept getting worse; I told Mrs. Snyder(The teacher, obviously) and she sent me to the nurse. I laid down on the padded, navy blue bed and pondered the pain I was feeling pounding against my aching head. I should mention that before I came into the office the secretary asked me what I was wrong, I explained and told her it'd happened in the past. Migraines.

  I called my grandmother and told her what was up. So, I laid down and a while later I just knew. I was going to throw up. I told the secretary that it wasn't really working. I called my grandma again and told her that I should go to the doctor's office. Before she arrived, I walked to my locker and got my stuff. I sat in the main office and just felt my body preparing to throw up. I got up calmly and went to the bathroom, lifted the toilet seat, and destroyed my stomach. I don't eat breakfast, so it was mainly stomach acid.

   It was like, HEAVE, SILENCE, HEAVE, SILENCE, and so on. I ended up in the hospital with an .I.V. in the crook of my elbow, still throwing up. I threw up stomache acid for two to three hours periodically. They didn't give me morphine, but instead gave me a mixture of drugs to stop inflammation, nausea, and the migraine(3 different drugs). One of the drugs made me vey tired. I had to go pee a few moments after the drugs took effect. I mean I REALLY had to go. My grandma wasn't in the room at that moment and neither was my nurse.

   I pushed the nurse button and an abrupt nurse came. She helped me with the I.V and finger thing, plus an inflatable thing around my upper arm. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I didn't know what to do afterwards, so I opened the door wide and waited. My headache was gone and compared to when I felt like crying, it was a great relief. My grandma and nuse came in and helped me get back to my room. I had almost fallen asleep when it was time to leave. Through this whole experience God held my hand. I asked Him to help me, to take away the pain, and He did.

   "Thank you, God. I love you.

                                 In Your Name, Jesus,


                                                                                                               This is My Life,


P.S. God will hold your

hand, too. Just Ask. 

The End

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