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To you.

   I am really tired, tonight. I am staying up too late. Really if I stay up any longer I won't be able to say my prayer before bed. I'm going to keep this entry short. It's the weekend and tommorow is Sunday. I'm really hoping we go to church, because we haven't gone in a while.

   Today was VERY much my lazy day. I stayed in PJ's all day andwatched TV. I watched the movie 'Pride and Prejudice'. It made me want to read that book. I actually cried and laughed. Have you ever heard of K-Love? I'm listening to it, right now.(The radio station in America). I just yawned. so it's probably time for me to go to bed. Nitee.


                                                                                                             This is my life,


P.S. We don't earn our way

to heaven. Only by God's grace

are we saved. 

The End

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