To you, 

I think I try too hard to be good. Don't get me wrong, I want to do good and follow Jesus. But it's like the harder I try, the more I fail. What I need to do is trust in Jesus. I need to trust Him to lead me and change me the way he see's fit. I've been reading this series, called the 'Left Behind' series and it's got me thinking. I know I need to go to bed, but I don't want to. ;) I keep thinking about being left behind. I don't know if you know about the rapture, which means Jesus Christ comes back and snatches away the true believers, but I know about it.

   I don't want to be left behind. I know heaven and hell are real. I have no doubt God loves me and forgives me. My problem is me. I'm afraid that I'm not living right, that I'm not truly saved. I am worthless. I know that, but I also know that I am forgiven by God for my sins and the wrongs I've done. I'm scared. I want to live my life for Jesus. So, this little story(which is actually my life) isn't just for my fellow people's to see. It's for God, too. This next part in quotations is a prayer.

  "Dear Lord, help me. I am so scared. I'm petrified, but I believe in you. I love you. I am so sorry to have failed you, again and again. Forgive me, Lord.

                                                                                               In your name, Jesus, Amen."

   I feel a bit better. I don't care if you guys judge me or read that prayer! Or not.

This is my life,



  P.S. If you saw me on the street, you wouldn't know

me. Why? You weren't looking for me.


The End

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