You Have to Be Good To MeMature

Just some randowm thoughts, I think.

And you say what?  "Face it, I am an asshole."  As I have said before, you.. are my asshole, however do you really think that gives you a license to treat me bad?

I will assume it hasn't occurred to you I might get tired, I don't think your selfishness has let you understand that you have hurt my feelings often, it has kept you from seeing that I can walk away, you figure you can wait, you figure I love you so much I will come back.. well SURPRISE!!!

You have to BE GOOD TO ME, it's a requirement,  I love you but, as the song goes.. "I'd rather drink muddy water and sleep in a hollow log"  ..

You haven't heard anything I have said to you, I know why, assholes don't have ears..

Straighten up and fly right, or it will be your loss, if you want me, "BETTER BE GOOD TO ME!"

So now, I bow out to you .. Your Assholiness!

The End

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