You Have No Ideya

I take in my opponent. The room is dimly lit, bodies pushed close together, filling the room with sweat, blood, and adrenaline. I drink it in. This is my element. He can’t beat my winning streak.

He is tall, burly, and dripping testosterone. He has no clue what he is in for. I’m sure he was pumped when he found out he was fighting the undefeated champion of this club. He probably laughed when he saw that was me.

I get it, I don’t look like a threat. I’m a 5’6”, 130 pound girl. It’s all muscle. He doesn’t see the speed that he won’t catch, that he won’t see coming. He sees the blonde curls. He has no clue that the mind underneath it is calculating his demise. He sees a hot chick he wants to lay. Too bad that hot “chick” is about to lay him out.

He enters the “ring”, which is just a clearing in the crowd. I alone wait in the center. I’m ready to take him down. With the money I win, I might even treat myself to a nice dinner. He grins when he faces me, his front tooth barely hanging on. The life of a fighter isn’t pretty. I am a warrior in a war he’s not even aware of. He’s practice.

The crowd cheers for me. I’m a favorite. “Belle, Belle, Belle!” They chant. It’s a shortened version of the nickname they gave me, Southern Belle. I hate my accent, but it helps me out sometimes. Everyone always underestimates the pretty face and southern grace.

A few cheer for my opponent.

“Get her Tank!”

“Ring that Belle!”

I recognize the voices of my fallen opponents. They know he’ll lose. They just want to help their bruised egos. I laugh aloud.

It sets him off. He charges, more like a rhino than a tank. I dance out of the way as he crashes into the crowd. They push him back in the ring. He shakes himself off.

He comes back again. He aims a right fist straight for my head. I drop to the ground, darting between his legs as his fist hits air. I jump and land a roundhouse straight to his meaty back.

The crowd yells. Tank is furious. How could he have missed me? I feed off his anger. It makes him weak, he is a slave to it.

In the few seconds I take to pause, he makes his next move. His knuckles slam into my chest, forcing the air from my lungs. I spit out blood. Damn, I swore I wouldn’t bleed this fight.

He laughs. “Not so tough now.”

I smile. He has no idea. He bends over my smiling face, lying on the ground. He thinks he has won. I’m just waiting for him to get closer.

The crack of my fist colliding with his nose echoes throughout the small space. The blood drips on me and coats my hand. Sweat clings my hair to my face. I wipe it aside.

The doubters are few now. They see that this is not the little girl they had thought Tank would annihilate.

Tank is howling like a wounded puppy. I stalk over, ready to finish him. But he is blind with rage. He won’t be defeated by a little girl, his pride won’t stand for it. He charges me, tackling me to the ground. My head collides with the hard floor. My body struggles to escape from under him.

He laughs harder, spraying me with blood and saliva. I punch at his mouth, knocking lose his front tooth, not that there was much it was hanging on to.

He is beyond pain now. He has given in to the adrenaline. His fists pummel my head, whipping it from side to side. Soon I will lose consciousness. I head butt him. He’s dazed, he hadn’t expected that. In his moment of confusion, I slide out from under him and kick his head to the floor.

It takes a moment for the crowd to realize that the Tank is unconscious. I’m declared the winner.

I find Dan in the back, cashing all bets. I wait patiently, I know I’ll get my share. I’m his bread and butter in this place.

“I thought you said you’d find me a real fight Dan,” I joke as I tie my hair into a ponytail.

“That was supposed to be it. It’s not my fault you’re stronger than every guy I bring in here,” he replies, counting out my take for the night.

I take it and shove it into my backpack. “See you next weekend Dan.”

“See you. Take a shower kid. You look like hell,” he shouts at my back as I climb the 23 steps to the outside world.

The End

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