You Have Endless Heaps of Flowers Around YouMature

Dear Diary

Well, ugh. Someone is kind enough to have put this diary by my bed, so I guess I may as well write something. Ow, everything hurts. And I can't write fast any more, my head is like mush.

Literally, some of the doctors are saying. Still haven't had any visitors, but I've only been concious for a couple of days now. One man, all beardy and wrinkled likes to come in and ask me about the past.

Oh, I can remember everything. Playing with dolls, running through the park, swimming on holiday with Mum. Everything up until a few weeks ago. Then...nothing.

Just a blank, fuzzy mush that I seriously can't get my head around. The beardy doctor says I'm extremley chatty and cheerful, but he looks so sad when he says it.

What happened?

Why can't I remember?


Nurses Observations
Patient No. 388

3:30pm, Wednesday. Emma is still very confused, but likes to talk to anyone who comes in to check on her. The doctors are worried it was the shock and trauma of past events that have wiped her mind; her brain doesn't want to remember.

9;14pm, Wednesday. Emma is now requesting visitors, but her condition hasn't improved. She asked for water, and also for the removal of the flowers because they were giving her a headache.

The End

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