You are Dead. You are Alive.Mature

Conversation with Ms D. Underhay
Scribe:Nancy Pearson

That's all I was doing! Walking slowly up the stairs, with Ms Freeman behind me. Taking things carefully, in case Emma overreacted. Screamed a little, maybe.

God, I never thought she would jump out of a window. Jump out of a window, get in my car and drive as if the whole world is after her! But perhaps that's what she was thinking.

I was never good at getting inside people's heads.

Of course, she was just getting away. getting some space, of course.

My own daughter...

And how Callum found her driving away, Lord only knows. That boy has serious problems, Delia, I''m telling you now! Chasing her down motorways, crashing his car.

I mean, come on. It just doesn't happen round here!

Not in Surrey!

Not in Burpham! Nothing, nothing ever happens here. So why oh why does it have to be me? Have to be my daughter?

The End

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