You Have 5 Million People Watching You On BBC NewsMature

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeep

"This is Fiona Bruce with the BBC News at Six. And tonights headlines are-"

"High speed car chase turns for the worst with mentally unstable girl and deranged teenager, the latest update on the situation coming up."

"Bangers and mash may cause cancer, say scientists. Is Britains favourite dish going to kill us all?"

"And finally, Geraldine Bretherick, seventy one from High Wycome becomes the oldest lady ever to visit the moon."

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beeeeeep

"To our main story tonight. Emma, 15, was just an ordinary teenager from the South East, but know she has a murder charge, stalker boyfriend and a high speed police chase to top it all.

"In the past few days Emma has been kept safe at home with friends and family, but now she is back into danger after fatally wounding an old man and meeting her dangerous boyfriend in the middle of the M25. We go to our correspondant Jim Hawkes, who is at the scene."

"Thanks Fiona. This has been a shock to the local community here in Surrey, and hundreds have congregated out of their cars, and a police baracade has been set up, as you can see behind me.

"Currently, police are struggling to retain the crazed male, who is reported to be under the influence of alcohol and other illegal subtances.

"Emma is disturbed by this meeting, and her behaviour is such so she cannot be retained by paramedics and police on the scene. It's a disturbing day down here Fiona, and we all hope that this stand-off can be resolved peacefully."

The End

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