You Have 27 Missed Calls from: CallumMature

You Have 27 Missed Calls from: Callum


Dear Diary
I'm seriously starting to get scared now. I can't believe he's gone all phsyco on me again, but this time it seems really serious. I guess he is a bit messed up and everything, but you know, he was my boyfriend and all.
Note the
was by the way. Never, ever again am I trusting him. Will throw out phone.


Dear Diary
Mum is refusing to let me out of the house without a police escort, or something. She is really irritating. I tried to tell her that this wasn't a movie, but she went all weird and said that this was way more serious than I realised.
Yeah, whatever. Callum just spouted some more phsyco crap at me, didn't he? I'm not showing mum how scared I am underneath, though. He really creeps me out.


Dear Diary
Am going to sneak out so I can dump my phone in the park. I'm not going to keep flipping it open to find yet another call coming through. I need to get rid of this thing NOW.


Official and Private
Using CCTV Records 0220086 and Witness Evidence

-Subject appears from right side of screen, looking from side to side. Subject is wearing grey hoodie and jeans.
-Places phone into park bin, and looks relieved. Starts to move away from bin.
-Phone rings in public telephone booth behind Subject. Subject locates source of ringing, and then enters booth looking confused and answers phone.
-Subject stands in silence listening to telephone. Look of horror, disgust and fear crosses face. Subject slams down phone and runs from booth, scared.
-Subject begins screaming at the telephone booth, the words "Liar, liar, leave me alone," until passer-by asks what is wrong.
-Subject rejects help and sits alone on park bench. Subject notices dark shadow in trees, jumps up and walks away quickly, tears flowing down face.
-Witness report states that the voice issues from trees, "Don't forget the phone."


Dear Diary 
Mum asked if I wanted to visit a specialist, and I told her to piss off, and now I feel really bad. She's in a mood with me because I wouldn't tell the police what Callum had said on the public telehpone.
They probably have their own way of doing it anyway, using their weird trace things.
Anway, I'm fucking scared in any case. Came home and found my phone that I had just put in the bin on my bed. Went to double lock the windows, then discovered they were already locked. Got seriously freaked.
Shit, have new text.

One New Message from: Callum

I'm gonna get you bitch. I'm watching you, all the time. You can't escape, you can never get away.
Love you forever baby


Dear Diary

That text is it. Final Straw. I am not going to let this get out of hand. I am responsible, sensible and I can deal with this.
Fuck, who am I kidding? This is going crazy. I need help. Now.


The End

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