You Don't Only Have to Live Twice

Do you believe in life after death? Alex doesn't. Not until he witnessed it himself. This story is a journey of a whole new life he is about to travel into.

I might not have lived long enough to mutter words of wisdom like those old Medieval or Oriental or whatever philosophers did, but I do know some irrefutable facts about life.

Alright, I'll share it with you. I doubt you can disagree with this. So I abide by three rules in my life. Believe me, go with these rules and I can almost guarantee you can survive this world, assuming you're not one of those emo crybabies or someone with personality disorder.

Here are the three rules:

1. Life is unjust. Nothing is fair. Suck it up, princess. You're just another loser in a world full of other losers whom you think is better than you, but they themselves think that they're no better than other losers. Okay, that doesn't really make sense, but you'll see it for yourself. That's the number one and the most important rule.

2. You cannot rely on anyone else. There is only you, and YOU only in life. Ultimately all you can rely on is yourself. No one else. It will only end in disappointment.

3. Nothing ever goes according to your plan, no matter how perfect your plan is. I repeat, NOTHING.

Alright I might sound like a jerk-off and a pessimist after saying all that. Believe me I can be. I've lived for a while now. 20 years in this damn world, and every single experience I've had all relate to those rules I made. Ironically, even though I made up those rules, often I find myself acting immaturely; not willing to accept the truth that those rules exist. It's all pretty damn harsh rules. A lot of times I ponder to myself why those three rules have to exist. I question to the guy who lives way up there. He's probably laughing at our pain and struggle. Yeah, I'm talking to you God.

Before I take you further into my endeavor, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Elijah Gillan, and I will be your tour guide for the rest of this trip. What trip, you say? It's an endeavor of my life!

What? Not interested?

Now now, the fun part is yet to begun. I assure you this is no ordinary life I led. So bear with me a little bit, will you?

Funny actually, I've always thought myself to be an Average Joe, with no skill, no hope and no purpose in life. I've lived in Toyanaka, Osaka for around 4 years now. Moved here since high school, in case you're wondering. Studied electrical engineering in Toyanaka Public University, but I dropped out halfway through my degree. I decided that engineering wasn't really my thing. Since then I've just been a jack-of-all-trades, doing a little bit on this, and that. Waiting tables, fixing electronics, construction worker, painter, and such. My parents... I'd rather not talk about them. Honestly, they're too embarrassed to see me. They didn't want me to come home ever since I dropped my degree. I'm pretty much a goddamn loner almost my entire life. Yep, rule no. 1 there.

Enough about that, I see that you're eyes are starting to sink in. Jeez, you're really not interested aren't you? Fine. Let's get to the interesting part shall we? So, would you be interested in how to become an immortal?

Haha, now we're talking right? Alright, alright, calm down. I have all the time that I need.

Truth is, becoming an immortal is a truly simple process. You just have to die.

The End

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