You Don't Love me

"you don't love me" Taylor said to her boyfriend Mikey as they stood in the front garden things had been sour for a while and this evening it all came to a head.

"I do.....why can't you see that" replied Mikey who was slightly taken aback by Taylors sudden response.

" You don't! You never show it!" Taylor said with a weepy sound in her voice. She was close to tears , but didn't want to show it.

" In what way do i not show you my love? All the time i have known you, you have stood by me through good and bad times.

Do i need to show you my love"  Mikey was confused but remained assertive.

Taylor walked towards him slowly and suddenly broke down in tears, crying as all her emotions were coming out like a champagne bottle exploding.

Mikey remained quiet , walked over towards a rose bush paused and then plucked a dark red rose and walked back towards Taylor and knelt down in front of her held the rose towards her and then went on to say

"Taylor....I love you with my heart and soul, i give you this rose as a token of my love"

Taylor gazes into his eyes in surprise.  Choking back her tears she embraces him with a tight hug.

He nudges into her and kisses her moist lips...

The End

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