Chapter ThreeMature

Two words spilled out of his mouth, and the words were happy. They weren't taunting or hurtful. They were normal.

"I'm sorry"

He even said it with a smile, before sauntering off, his black hair bouncing slightly as he walked.

Frankie was surprised at the way she was being treated by him. It was an ostentatious contrast to her previous experiences with most other students at this school. A lump rose in her chest along with her happiness. She spent the rest of the day happily drifting through her lessons.

She had to stop herself from skipping home from school, a huge grin plastered to her face. She sauntered up the long concrete path and unlocked the red front door after skipping all three steps that lead up onto the wooden porch.

However, there was a small realisation in the back of her mind. She shouldn't have gotten so excited over to meaningless words. The fact that someone treating her like a human excites her had proven that her life was being led with no help of love and affection.

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The End

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