Chapter TwoMature

Franchesca rolled her eyes and stared down at her old scruffy rucksack. She waited for the hands of the clock to etch closer to twenty past nine, so that she could leave the room; escaping the icy stares that were flying right at her.

She sighed of relief when her form was dismissed. Rushing out of class before everyone else, she practically ran to her first lesson of the day.

The school halls were almost empty at this time, and they loomed over her, their ominous presence almost judging her. She looked down submissively. She ran her fingers through her hair, pulling it away from her face as she walked swiftly along the vast hallway.

She leaned into the door of the classroom lazily to open it. There was no one there except for her English Literature teacher, Mrs Blackard, a short, beady eyed woman with thin, wispy white hair that barely even fell to her shoulders. In contrast to her mean demenour of an appearance, she was one of the nicest teachers in the school.

"Frankie! Glad you're here, could you put this on Laura's desk?" she said, leaning over her cluttered desk to hand Frankie a crumpled orange piece of paper. An attendance report.

"Sure Miss" Frankie said, sauntering to one of the chairs along the back row of desks. She smiled up at Mrs Blackard, a smile that she returned.

When the rest of the students filed in, Frankie's smile dimmed, though only slightly. Her only friend in the world, Demi came to sit next to her. She wore a huge grin on her tan face. She sat facing Frankie, and clutched at her arm.

"Guess what?" she said, the grin as strong as ever. Frankie shrugged before Demi squeezed her arm. "Daniel Parks!" she said, her grin turning into a bubbly giggle. Frankie's face stayed straight. Daniel Parks was the only person who'd ever not bullied her, apart from Demi. He was her only ever crush.

"What about him?" she asked, holding her arms out, shaking her head ever-so-slightly.

"He wants to talk to you!" Demi squealed, her Black hair falling messily over her face.

"How do you find this stuff out?" Frankie asked, but Demi ignored her and carried on gushing about Daniel and how he probably wanted to ask Frankie out.

The whole lesson was spent like this, and as she left, Frankie walked into the man himself.

The End

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