Chapter OneMature

A beautiful, pure face, complete with a set of blue eyes and ivory-white skin, framed by blonde hair, cascading down to her chest. This was Franchesca Adams. A beautiful girl, and a kind heart.

Her story begins at school; the teenagers walking, running, skipping carelessly around; no cares in the world. Franchesca walks timidly down the halls, dodging objects propelling from either ends. She clutches her books to her chest, every day. Afraid.

It was a monday in Spring. England's skies were obstructed by looming grey clouds. Franchesca stared up at them, mystified. She wore a pair of red mittens on her hands which were clasped over her books and folders, ironically outgoing. A set of bright orange earphones hung idly from around her neck. She could feel judging eyes boring inter her, daggers piercing her tender skin. She scowled and pivoted in the opposite direction, heading toward the school.

The looks she could deal with, but the hurt was adamant in her mind, lingering. She could mask her hurt, but couldn't confront it. She tried to forget it as she stormed to her form room.

She was lost in a sea of people who hated her, and she didn't know why. Secluded, isolated. Lost.

She took a shaky breath before meekly entering her class. The daggers were aimed again as she ran to the back of the room where no one could stare. A lump rose in her chest, like it did every morning. She rested her head on her intertwined arms.

"Look it's here!" came the high pitched, overly-vivacious voice of a brunette girl, wearing a sickly sweet facade of a smile. She stared at Franchesca, still smiling tauntingly.

"Leave me alone, Janet. Seriously." Franchesca warned, though- as always- to no effect.

"You chose to not end it, deal with the consequences." She was still wearing the smile. Fanchesca's bottom lip quiverred infinistsemally, uncontrollably.

Another day in the life of Frankie Adams, the 'emo' of Fredrique Secondary School.

The End

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