You Don't Know MeMature

A story of a teenage girl who was visciously bullied throughout her secondary-school life; a portion of her life that overflowed into every crevice of her life outside of school.
Her happiest moments dwelled in the past; before school.
This story is a study of her life, the way she lived it, and the seriousness of all forms of bullying.

Tears roll down her ivory cheeks; as colourless as her life. Her blonde hair plastered to her tear-soaked face, black mascara paths run from her eyes down and off her chin as she clutches her head in her quivering hands. Her eyebrows are mashed together, and arched upward. Her bottom lip trembles as she tries to contain her tears; to put up a strong pretence; a happy facade.

And she fails.

The knife is stained with a vibrant red. Her blood drowns her wrist as it rolls indefinitely out of the gash there.

She's strong, but her weakness has its moments too.

The End

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