Strangers for breakfast


It wasn’t in my nature to keep quiet but on this rare occasion I thought it was best. They were looked as if they stepped in something nasty, I could see it in their eyes. Jake message Charlie and the team came to meet us taking in the strangers.

Charlie being the leader he was stepped forward, “let’s discuss somewhere more comfortable.”

“I don’t think I was clear enough, I want-

“Son, I have had a long night and just want to get back,” Charlie interpreted the young man. “You are welcome to come back with us and discuss any information that you wish.”

The young man and woman shared a glance, I could tell that he didn’t want to but curiosity was getting better of him. At the corner of my eye I saw Jake hiding his smile as the woman nodded at the young man.

“Fine, we will accompany you,” the woman says in a business like voice. Oh fun, I’ll add these two to the people that want to stake me list- it was only just starting to drop too.

Early morning sun was just starting to rise as we made our way outside the rundown motel. Everyone was dirty, a few blood stains but that didn’t matter as long as we all made it out.

“Ahh,” I screamed as the rising sun hit my exposed skin. “Help!” I shouted but they ignored me.

“Is this how you train her?” The woman asked and I pulled my jacket around my face hiding my smile.

“Yeah she needs punishing,” Jake voice was hard. “Get up leech,” he snapped.

I was trying not to laugh, Jake roughly pulled my arm and I screamed again.

“When you two have quite finished,” Charlie sighed loudly.

“But…what she’s a vampire,” I heard the young man. I couldn’t keep the act up any longer and started to laugh Jake let go of my arm.

“That’s true,” I say and jump up making them step back weary. “But I’m different in a way.”

“We have lots to discuss.”

I didn’t need to be in the same car to know what they were thinking. They were following Charlie and I was behind them in Jake’s car. Kelly was busy talking to Jake so I let my mind wonder. The mind block with Christian was still strong; I knew that it was for the best though…but was it?

“Leighton, are you listening?” Kelly asked and I had a feeling that it wasn’t the first time she had called my name.

“Huh oh, sorry Kelly my head was elsewhere,” I replied rubbing my eyes.

“Now just play it calmly with these hunters. One wrong move and a stake may be in your chest.”

“They want blood Kelly, my blood on their stake it doesn’t matter what we do,” I gasped and my vision blurred.

Hunter…female…vampire…smoke…black smoke…bars…

“The mansion,” I whispered seeing that clearly and remembering the job. Why did I need to go there? The male hunter was there, what was he doing?

“What is it, Leighton?” Jake caught my gaze in the mirror his expression unreadable.

“That male hunter there’s something about him, where he’s been and something that happened that doesn’t make sense.”

Everyone had come into the main room, greeting friends and love ones. Kelly’s daughter Nina came running in and jumped into waiting arms. Then they saw the strangers.

“Shell we sit down,” Charlie gestured to the hunters who were stood taking in the scene.

“Where do you keep it?” The woman asked staring at me; I rolled my eyes and sat down next to Kelly.

“Keep what?” Rob replied queuing up for the coffee.

“Your pet vampire,” The man says with disgust.

“Her name is Leighton and she has her own room,” Jake said his eyes hard almost daring them to insult me again.

“Hmm she’s got you under her spell,” the hunter said smirking and I grabbed Jake’s hand.

“What information would you like?” Martin asked crossing his arms standing by the wall.

“Have you come across the Vulgaris vampires? They keep coming into our path lately and we were hunting one down when we came across the motel.” The woman explained sitting down. Vulgaries. Francesca.

“Not for some time,” Charlie glanced at towards me, “Leighton?”

I didn’t want to explain my past with the Vulgaries, apart from meeting Francesca a few weeks ago I haven’t come across them since that day…Alexander… Closing my eyes briefly I closed the door on my feelings.

“Only when I was a child,” I replied and catch breakfast smells coming closer.

“I see and you believe her?” The hunter male asked.

I jumped in before Rob who opened his mouth, “calling me a liar?”

“Why should we believe you vampire?” The hunter girl snapped her hand on her hip where her stake was hidden.

“I don’t run with the Vulgaries.”

“But something tells me that you know them more than you are letting on,” the hunter girl replied smiled darkly and I stood.

“The question is how much did your boy tell you of his capture in the mansion?” The room was silent, the hunters confused and annoyed.

The male stepped forward taking his stake out, “watch it bloodsucker.”

“Leighton what is it?”

“What was in the mansion?” I asked holding my hands up in defence. 

The End

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