Eva was driving down the quiet road, stopping suddenly.

"Chase, there's vampires in there." she whispered, pointing to a beat-up looking motel.

He wanted to ask her how exactly she knew that but before he could she parked the truck, jumping out and running in.

Chase groaned and followed, wondering how Eva could run so fast.

She was already in combat by the time he got in, matching the vamp blow for blow.

He moved to help but stopped himself, watching in curiosity. Eva moved with blinding speed and force, almost inhuman.

The thought quickly left his mind when another vampire launched itself on him.

Chase batted him away, shooting with the other hand. The guy fell, holding at the wound.

He looked young. No older than Josh had been. A...kid.

Eva was watching, smiling when he looked at her.

"Done, slowpoke?"

"You're making me look bad." he replied, getting a laugh out of her.

"There's one more." she said suddenly, "It must be hiding."

The sound of feet on the stairs made them look up, only to see a blonde vampire running down.

"So she comes out to play." Eva muttered, raising her gun.

"No!" a man said, running down after her, "Don't shoot! We're hunters too!"

Eva and Chase exchanged a look, but she lowered her gun.

"Is she working with you willingly?" Eva asked, her hand tensing.

"Yes," her companion said, going down the rest of the stairs, "She's not going to hurt anyone."

He sounded like he was talking about an animal. In some rights, he probably was.

"Is this even RARZA approved?" Chase asked in a bored voice, watching the vampire with disinterest.

"Uh," the guy replied, scratching his hair, "It's kind of a work in progress."

So this was off the books.

"We're not going to report you." Chase said with a sigh, "But only in return for a favour."

"What is it?" the hunter asked, looking a bit apprehensive.

Chase smiled.

"I want information." 

The End

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