Room reservations


I had a quick shower and changing into some clothes before making my way downstairs to the dining room. Everyone was mostly gathered, alert and ready for action, some eyes followed me as I crossed the room standing by the far wall. Some had gotten used to me now, but still kept their distances. I knew that I couldn’t expect any less from them. Letting someone like me into their web wasn’t something they did every day. Hell I might have been dead by now. They were more lenient with me, no more body guards and the bedroom door unlocked. But everyone was weary of me; cameras followed my every move and only one pint a day of blood.

I could leave. Charlie said anytime I wanted to leave then the door was open for me to walk out of. Yet…I never made it…my feet wouldn’t let me go. Madness I know, any normal vampire would have run like their life depended on it and leaving everyone bleeding dry. But I was still here, getting involved with the hunters and dealing with vampires.

Very much like this one, dealing with vampires throughout the night was a regular occurrence and I was getting used to the wake-up calls. Charlie was leading the meeting explaining in more detail.

Apparently, a group of five vampires broke into a small mall casually doing some late night shopping and grabbing a quick bite of the security guards. Our hunters were close by and when they arrived the vampires ran taking stolen goods with them. They would have got away if it wasn’t for Martin lying in wait and followed them in his car.

“Martin called and told us they were at the rundown Sunset valley hotel,” Charlie said checking his phone for details. “Leighton have you seen anything?”

“No, only what I told you the other night that a group would be coming to town soon, this must be the group,” I told him rubbing my forehead with my fingers trying to see something more stable.

“Very well let’s get moving while they are still in the area.”


Martin was still waiting in his when we arrived as well as the other hunters; we regrouped and planned to come in at different angles. Rob, Jake and I went along the west side of the three storey building, the vampires were still here no doubt stopping here for the night and as we crept along the side path I noticed a fire ladder.

“I’m going in this way, there’s some on the top level and they will come running as soon as the others break in.” I told them whispering.

“Leighton you can’t go by yourself,” Jake said exchanging a look with Rob.

“He’s right beauty, your still on probation,” Rob replied.

I rolled my eyes, “fine then one of you can come with me and tackle them together.”

“Charlie said we shouldn’t split,” Rob said listening to his earpiece.

“Jake?” I could see he was thinking it through.

“Rob message Charlie explain the situation and to bring back-up, we will wait for them to arrive,” Jake instructed and I was momentary shocked but shook it off.

A few minutes later Kelly, Kevin and Tim crept along the path joining our little group. Jake pulled the fire ladder down and motioned for me to climb, “Ladies first.”

“Aren’t you the gentlemen,” I said as I reached up and heard Jake mumble something fast that I couldn’t catch it. I made it to the first level, Jake wasn’t far behind me, all of the windows were boarded up and I pressed my hand on the wood. Nothing came to me, I closed my eyes hoping to reach out and sense them.



“Next level, come on they know something going on.”

Quietly we made our way up the next set of ladders, the window was already broken in to and that made our job easier. I held on to the frame and carefully stepped into the room trying not to make too much noise. It was a simple small room, the furniture had been removed or destroyed and spray paint covered the walls.

Jake came into the room taking in the decor, “nice, remind me transfer rooms.”

“Shut up, Jake,” I whispered opening the door and cringing as it squeaked open. “This way.”

With cautious steps we walked down the hallway, something flashed past me and screamed as Jake stabbed the vampire into the wall. A female came running at me, I smiled and lunged meeting her mid air slamming her to the floor. The female flipped me off surprised flickered into her gray eyes sensing what I was, that gave Jake an opening grabbing her from behind. I didn’t waste any time in killing her with my stake.

“That’s two…wait three, I didn’t see you kill him,” I pointed to the headless body.

“Yeah well you were busy being ninja woman,” Jake commented cracking his knuckles. I was about to reply when we heard a scream coming from downstairs.


The End

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