Soon enough they were screaming down a desolate road with a few paralyzed vampires in the back of the pickup.

"Feel better?" Eva asked, punching his shoulder playfully.

"No." he replied honestly, "I feel the same. Can we get something to eat?"

It was a bad subject change, but it was better than none. The last thing he wanted to do was talk about something that had stressed him as much as Josh's death had.

"Sure." she said, "We'll pick something up after we dispose of our guests in the back."

"Sounds like a plan."


Chase watched Eva pouring gasoline on the hunt's spoils, leaning his back against the trunk of the pickup.

She lit a match and dropped it onto their bodies, fingering a pendant around her neck.

The sound of the fire crackling drowned out whatever it was she was whispering to herself, but Chase was too engrossed in the flames to notice.

They burned up the pale flesh so quickly, turning it to ash within seconds.

Soon enough the fire had died down and only a small pile of dust showed where the vampires had been.

"Okay," Eva yawned, "I want Chinese."


Chase had a hard time eating the noodles in his carton. 

It wasn't that they tasted bad or anything. As a matter of fact they were quite good. 

But they made him remember the meal he'd had in Dinah's basement. And the strange dark...thing that had attacked her, and her freeing him.

He very nearly felt guilty. But, then again, being a hunter had meant he'd learned to turn off guilt a long time ago.

"Tell me about your brother." he said suddenly, wanting to start a conversation to distract himself.

Eva choked and coughed violently, taking a swig from the bottle of cristal she'd had stashed in the glove box for some reason.

"Sorry," she started, "This is really, really spicy."

"Then why on Earth did you ask for extra peppers?" Chase laughed, getting another punch in the shoulder for his amused expression.

"What can I say, I like things hot." she smiled flirtatiously, popping a scotch bonnet into her mouth. 

"Do you now?" Chase asked, smirking, "I thought you were a pretty mild kind of girl."

She tossed her carton onto the dashboard in acceptance of the unspoken challenge, climbing acrobatically into his lap.

"This change your mind?"

"Not quite."

Eva bent down to kiss him, her lips tasting of a combination of good wine and spices.

"How about that?"

Chase pretended to be thinking hard for a moment.

"I think I need another try to figure that out."

Eva happily obliged.

The End

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