Bitter sweet dreams


“Angel….” His voice whispered softly over my skin. He was here. I smiled leaning back and felt his arms cradle me to his chest “my beautiful Angel.”

“Alexander…” I sighed, breathing in his familiar scent, “what are you doing?”

Alexander runs his fingers lightly along my arms, “nothing” he says casually but, leaves goose bumps across my skin.

“Yes you are,” I whisper closing my eyes, moving my head under his neck. We sit curled up, the sun beaming down on us and only thing to be heard my racing heart beat.


I bolt up straight in the middle of the bed, one hand grasping my chest and a strangled scream hurts my throat but it’s nothing compared to ache in my body. Taking a few deep breaths I calm down, sweat soaks my skin and I notice that I’m shaking. A knock at the door helps me to pull myself together; I grab the robe and go to the door.

“Leighton?” Jake voice says through the door.

I open the door slightly, “Well to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“A meeting. Right now.”

“It’s 3:18 am, can’t this wait?” Not that I could sleep now after that dream but still why now?

Jake raised an eyebrow, “What need more beauty sleep?”

I opened the door hand on hip and glared, “I’m sorry but I don’t really care about all that since I’ve been here. So what is going on?”

“Vampire attack a few blocks away, they got away but some guys managed to track down their hide-out.”

“I’ll get dressed…if that’s ok with you,” Jake’s eyes studied me; making me realise what a state I was in. Hair coming free sticking to my face and neck with sweat, bloodshot eyes no doubt and my hands were still shaking.

Jake looked away, “in the dining room soon as you can.” 

The End

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