Revelations and RARZA


Eva's voice caused a sudden shockwave of a strange emotion to sweep through the room, quickly shattered by the sight of her smiling face.

"Hi." Chase replied flatly, less than enthusiastic to see the beautiful woman.

“Is-is everything alright, Chase?” she started with a somewhat hurt expression.

“Yeah. Just...out of it. Where’s Bryce?”

A look of understanding passed over Eva’s face and she walked over to sit on a corner of the bed, sighing.

“I haven’t been entirely honest with you, Chase, and I think it’s about time you learned the truth.” 

This was it. She was going to tell him she was about to conquer the earth. Or she was an alien. Maybe even that she realized she was never ‘into’ guys. 

Hopefully not all three. 

“Bryce....well he’s not my boyfriend. He’s my brother. I...don’t know what I was thinking but’mnot.” Eva breathed, rapidly and almost incomprehensibly. 

Chase felt dumfounded. 

“Come again?”

“That vampire. You clearly had some kind of history with her. Compulsion was a pretty stupid excuse. I...thought you didn’t care about me anymore so when you showed up again I wanted to make it look like I didn’t care about you either. That I could move on as quickly and abruptly as you did.”

That hurt. 

“Eva, I’m...sorry about that. Dina...well she...reminded me of someone that meant a lot to me. It was a trap and I fell for it. She’s dead. And so is who I thought she was. On the other hand, you aren’t...” 

“Your point is..?”

“I...I’ve realized that it was a ghost I was chasing. I’ve let it go. What I had with you, was real. You mean a lot to me, Ev. It was wrong of me to leave you hanging like that.” 

Eva looked like she was about to reply but he held a finger to her lips. 

“I haven’t said this to anyone in a long, long time.” He started, taking a deep breath, “But...I think I’ve been falling in love with you.”

The way her eyes shone and the wide smile blossoming on her face were all the proof he needed to close the space between them with a kiss. 

It wasn’t electricity or passion that coursed rapidly through him this time, but something else entirely. 

Something gentle and beautiful that made the world slow and made the stars descend to Earth. The feeling of two hearts beating as one. 

And then the doorbell rang loudly and the emotion retreated to its place deep inside. 

“I’ll get it.” Eva muttered, jogging down the stairs. 

A few seconds later her voice echoed through the house again. 

“Chase, get down here. It’s RARZA.” 

He instantly got up to join her at the door, curious. 

RARZA or Research, Analysis and Removal of Zoological Anomalies, was a group of scientists and covert hunters alike that made a network of vampire trackers and eliminators. 

Even though Chase and Eva were solo acts, RARZA kept them on the up and up with any information they needed. This probably had to do with the Vulgari and Josh’s killer.

Or maybe even the killer’s slippery girlfriend. 

The End

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