The tension in the room was building; my eyes never left Heather. I could feel the warmth, my mouth watering and then my teeth sank into the soft texture. Heather gasped and I closed my eyes consuming the bliss that I felt down my throat. 

“Anyone got the ketchup?” I said putting my burger down, everyone was too busy staring at me and then they all moved and talked at once.

“You’re not going to throw that up are you?” Asked Rob passing me the ketchup, he like some of the others, had been surprised when I asked for food.

I laughed. “I need blood regularly, but I can eat human food and not gain any weight.” The doc of course had his note book out and I could see the questions forming in his head.

Heather stayed quite but still glanced in my direction keeping her thoughts to herself, the other hunters just ignored me and I carried on eating. When everyone had finishing eating a girl stood collecting plates.

 “Would you like some help?”She jumped startled that I had spoken to her.

“I’m fine.”

“I don’t mind.” I replied confused surely there was lots to clean and thought she would like some help.

The girl who seemed a few years older than me finally looked at me. “I said I was fine.”

Then I understood it didn’t matter that she had a stack of washing to do, she didn’t want someone like me helping her. The girl hurried on with a stack of plates to the kitchen, others went off and I was left with Rob, Kelly and Charlie.

“Shame I bet you would have got the job done in half the time, what with your vampire speediness.” Rob said trying to lighten the mood.

“Can I go back to that room?” I felt in the way, everyone was weary of me and I couldn’t blame them, the monster that they hunted was sat at the same table as them.

“It’s your room Leighton and I wanted to ask you something.” Charlie said those hawk eyes watching. “Why have you not killed us?”

The question caught me off guard and took me a moment to answer. “I…even though you tortured me…I don’t kill…I have killed before.” I was finagling with my necklace not looking at any of them. “Many vampires kill for the blood, the thrill of the chase and believe me these nothing like it…but I let it consume me once and it took soo long to come back and be myself again.”

Everyone was staring at me a mixture of expression playing on their faces, I knew they wouldn’t be totally convinced or believe me but I didn’t want to kill them. “I only use humans to feed off and then compel them to forget leaving them with a small bite mark that fades.”

“She’s telling the truth.” A new voice said behind me, turning I saw Danny leaning in the doorway. “Besides, she’s been helping humans from vampire attacks.”

“What?” Rob replied. “Not joining in?”

I was puzzled how did he know? Seeing my face Danny smiled smugly, I narrowed my eyes.

“In London that wasn’t the first time I saw you. But that night before you came back to the club, you save a girl and attacked the vampires.” The others were surprised by this information. “Kelly she saved your daughter.”

“I know that Jake.” Wait Jake? Clearly we both had been playing each other that night. “But what if she just did that to gain our trust?”

“Kelly you saw how she was and was you not listening.” Jake said walking over to Charlie. “You know we need her.”

“I am not toy that you can use.” I stood annoyed. “I cannot have a vision like that.” I clicked my fingers. “So either kill me or I’ll leave.”


The End

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