Broken doll


I didn’t bother to look in the mirror to see how bad I was, my skin stung in the hot water for five minutes until it settled and then I saw my blood run from my body. Reaching for the sponge and putting some shower gel on it I carefully ran it all over my grubby bruised sore skin. The water changed from red to pink to brown, everything ached, and the blood that I had drunk was working slowly repairing me.

Once all of the dirt was gone I put lots of shampoo in my hands and scrubbed my greasy long blond curls, I don’t know why but I was scrubbing so hard when suddenly I fell to the floor feeling the tears fall. I was broken and not just physically.

Eventually, I stood up washing my hair and turned the water off when I felt another close by I grabbed the thick robe opening the shower door. The feeling went leaving me bewildered, I got dry and made the mistake of looking in the mirror. All my life I looked in mirrors and liked the girl looking back at me, now though I couldn’t even face her barely knew who she was. That girl had everything and look at her now…

Surprising they didn’t think to bring my case when they attacked and brought me here so I had to search through the draws to find something to wear. My skin was still tender in places where the poison water had hit my body, so I found a pair of sweats and long sleeve cotton top. I was just plaiting my hair when they came in Martin and Charlie.

“Leighton come with us.” Martin said his voice stern like his face.


“It’s Kelly daughter.” Charlie said I didn’t like being treated like a lap dog but at the mention of Kelly daughter I remembered what I saw…white teddy bear with blood. I nodded carefully walking near them not trusting them to put a stake through my chest.

“I’m putting a blind fold over your eyes trust me.” Charlie voice was soft I only raised an eyebrow but allowed them to do it. They held tops of my arms leading me to wherever; I was going down stairs I took careful steps I could smell something that was making my mouth water, voices died down as we stopped and they moved the blind fold.

The smell was coming from the table of food; lots of different people were sat around staring tense at me.

“Charlie why is it here?” A women said how was sat in the corner buttering bread.

“Heather I told you about her and why.”

“I don’t care get it away before it kills.”

“What is all the fuss about?” Kelly came in then along with a little girl who was holding a white teddy bear, I gasped seeing resembles between them both.





The End

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