Eva shifted around on the couch, screwing up her face in thought.

Bryce strolled out of the kitchen with a tub of ice cream in his hands, plopping down beside her before digging a spoon into the mint-chocolate fluff.

"So," he started, speaking slowly and in a low tone, "We both know I never turn a gig down but Eva, what the hell is going on?"

She let out a huff of contempt, trying to keep from sounding bitter.

"I don't know, 'Ryce. I wasn't thinking. Part of me just felt so..."

"Jealous?" Bryce offered, blue eyes twinkling mischievously.

Eva punched his arm half-heartedly, before giving in and nodding.

"Chase...well, he's...different. I couldn't stand to have him lie to me, and then...hold that vampire like she was the holy grail before just falling off the grid. Compulsion. Who does he think he's fooling, honestly?"

Bryce nodded as she rambled on, eating cold sugary spoonfuls in between. When she had finished he gave her an evaluating gaze and chuckled.

"The same could be said for you. Just because he's tried to get out of the situation without facing the truth doesn't mean that you should start playing with his head in your charade. I saved your skin when I didn't have to. You need to clean up the mess you're making, sis."

Eva made a shushing noise but, sighing, nodded again. 

"I'm sorry. Just...let me choose when to tell him, okay?"

Bryce grinned and offered her the carton he was holding, but she shook her head.

"That stuff is poison. How about we head out now, seeing as my discovery had delayed things?"

Her brother agreed and they hastily left the bungalow, piling into the truck as Eva started the engine. 

She noticed the rose she had been handed earlier in its place on the dashboard and reached out to touch it, recoiling when one of her fingers got cut by an untrimmed thorn. 

"Damn." she muttered, grabbing a tissue and pressing it to her thumb. 

Bryce had gone stock still beside her, breathing sharply. Eva handed him a water bottle, patting his shoulder with her other hand. 

"Control it, Bryce. For mom."

He let out a long sigh and shook his head clear of the trance-like state.

"Sorry. It's...been a while."

Eva responded with a simple 'I know' as they pulled out onto the road, heading steadily towards the emptier side of town.

They both grew silent a moment, Eva trying to break the building ice with a comment.

"It was sweet of you to remember the flower. Even though we haven't gotten to visit her together in, what..."

"Four years." Bryce stated simply, looking out the window. 

Four full years. My, they had flown by quite quickly. For her, anyways, they had been busy with many hunts, whereas Bryce had, naturally, continued his career by appearing in various films.

He was something of a celebrity. But he still took the time from his tight schedule to leave his L.A. mansion to perform the siblings' ritual. 

Eva parked by the side of the road, stepping out and walking towards the worn iron gate. 

Bryce followed, holding the rose with a somber look on his face. 

"I guess this is it." they muttered in unison, before opening the gate and walking into the overgrown grasses with the moon lighting their way. 

The End

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