New room


The house was filled with decorations; mummy had filled every vase with a range of different flowers.

“When is everybody coming mummy?” Chris Chris jumped down from the stairs fiddling with his tie.

Mummy was finishing the icing on the cake. “Soon my darling boy, Ezra will you fix his tie.”

“My head feels a little poorly mummy.” I was sat on the sofa colouring my picture, mummy came and sat next to me combing her long fingers through my golden curls.

“Ezra why don’t you show Christian how that electric car works before the guests arrive.” Mummy and daddy looked at on another like they did this morning; they went and mummy disappeared upstairs then came back carrying small box.

“Mummy what is that?” I asked when she placed the box on the sofa.

“This will help you.” She opened the lid to revel a crystal on a thin silver chain. “This will help your power Leighton.”


I woke suddenly clutching my crystal necklace, sitting up on a bed and my eyes weary taking in my new surroundings. They had moved me into a suitable room; the bed that I sat on was soft with simple white cotton sheets, low table with two wooden chairs, a window which was frosty glass and door that led into a bathroom. This seemed to worry me more than the basement because I didn’t know what to expect.

What was going on?

I still felt woozy and the throbbing had eased from my vision I notice then that I wasn't restrained anymore. Slowly I climbed off the bed going over to the frosty glass window trying to work out where I could be when, I heard the jangle of keys and the metal door opened, I turned tensed.

“Good afternoon Leighton.” Charlie came then with the normal two other who stood by door waiting for any sign of attack. Some part of me wanted to, but the rest was confused and worried by my new settings so I remained where I was. “I’m glad your up.”

“Why have you moved me?” I asked my throat dry.

“Do you want to go back to the basement tied to the chair?” Charlie raised his eyebrow I slivered remembering the feeling of being immobile. “We are not monsters Leighton as you might believe.”

“So what are you going to do with me?” If they were going to kill me surely they would have done that already, the doctor must have everything now so what did they want?

“We’re not going to kill you.”

“I’m a vampire you’re a hunter, I don’t see how I’m still alive, don’t drag this out just kill me now.” I went over to the wooden chair bending to take the leg to break, Charlie saw what I was about to do and grabbed the chair away from me.

I looked up stunned.

“No…you are different from the rest and your gifts are not to be wasted.” Charlie pulled me up to stand.

“I’m not a pet.” I started to pace fiddling with my necklace. “I will not be used.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you.”

“Ha the others I bet your having a hard time explaining that to them.”

“Not so much, you have already helped us and think they may be potential for you here.” I stopped my eyes flashing at each face in the room. “You must want to clean up and then we will talk.” I forgot how bad I must have looked and the idea of having a shower brightened my mood.

“And think you should drink this too.” Charlie placed a blood bag on the table, the dryness in my throat burned now with thirst. I could feel his eyes watching me as I tried to control myself. “Yeah you need to feed. See you soon.”

They went without my knowing because I was too focusing on the blood that was inches from me, I gave it a few more minutes and then I snatched the bag between my greedy hands. I didn’t think twice and ripped into the bag blood filling my mouth.   

The End

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