Well, this was awkward.

Chase looked from Eva to the guy she'd introduced as Bryce as they strolled back to the house, hand in hand. 

Either he had been part of an affair, or she'd moved on and found a new man within what was at most a few days. 

You couldn't exactly underestimate a woman with the looks and tenacity of Eva, anyways. 

But still, this situation wasn't exactly desirable.

Especially since Bryce was clearly attractive enough to have hordes of girls (and maybe guys) chasing him down the street, what with the clear blue eyes and shaggy blonde hair that fell just right. He was practically a Swiss model, for God's sake.

...that would actually make sense...

Bryce let go of Eva's hand (about time!) and pulled the door open for her, stepping inside himself. Chase sulked a moment, not bothering to follow. Being a third wheel was no fun. But Bryce held the door so that he could take it, offering a friendly smile before walking out of sight. 

Damn him. 

Chase sighed before entering the house, locking the door behind him with a string of dark muttering. Count on him to ditch his hot girlfriend for a dead vampire and feel jealous after getting near starved and/or poisoned.

But it wasn't so bad. He was alive, that was good enough. His relationship with Eva had been stuck in a proverbial rut anyways; it seemed as if he would never truly forget or get over Casey. 

She had every right to leave him. He had broken her trust, without so much as an explanation. She deserved someone better.

"Hey, Chase," Eva called from a couch in the living room, "Feel free to clean up downstairs. You can crash in the guest room." 

He nodded in reply and walked down into the basement, too dead tired to note his surroundings. After washing up and wolfing down a sandwich from the mini-fridge, Chase shuffled to the clean-smelling bed and collapsed into sleep. 

The End

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