I just couldn’t get my head round the fact that Danny was here right next to me, what was he even doing? It didn’t make sense none of this did, I had been fooled by Charlie once already and now Danny had pulled the wool of my eye too.

“Can’t say the same.” I sighed trying to stand and not getting anywhere, Danny reached out but I glared and saw Rob smirk at my reaction. “I’m fine.”

“If that’s fine I want to know what terrible look like.” Danny replied stepping back next to Charlie. The others moved a little closer in waiting for my response, but I didn’t have the energy. As much as I wanted to leap up and snap back some witty response, I getting too weak and knew that they could easy kill me without much of a struggle.

“Kelly can you help her up please.” Charlie asked Kelly nodded couching down her hand touched my bare arm and we gasped.

Children playing in a park…van speeding down road…men vampires hiding…screaming…white teddy bear splattered with blood.

“Leighton can you hear me?”

“What’s going on?”


My eyes slowly came back into focus but they were sore, sweat socked my clothes and something was throbbing in my head.

“Leighton what is it?” Charlie said touching my forehead.

“I just…” My eyes found Kelly and I thought back to my vision, one of the children stood out more, looking at Kelly her dark African features and shape of her eyes. “You have a daughter.”

“Yes.” Kelly said carefully weighing up her options.

“Plays in a local park yes?” The others were looking confused and weary.

“What are you talking about beauty leech?” Rob said impatient as ever.

“Your daughter has a white teddy bear?” I could see it clearly in Kelly face that I was right so I carried on. “Your daughter is in danger.”


“Vampires are going to attack her in the park, rough mid day the sun was high in the sky and I know it’s hard to believe but it’s the truth.” I explained. “If you don’t then at list go and see before it’s too late.”

“Why should we believe it’s not some trick?”

“I saw it…just…go.” Pain was becoming too much my body was tired and couldn’t stop my eyes closing.

The End

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