New toy


 “It’s today!” I woke smiling and started to bounce on my bed, my teddies jumping and falling everywhere. “Chris Chris it’s today!” I sprang from my bed to his barely containing my excitement. “Sleepy head it’s today!” Chris rubbed his tired eyes. “It’s today.” Then he smiled too and started to bounce with me as we jumped happily and then we heard someone laughing.

“Now what are you two crazy kids doing?”

“Mummy it’s today!” I laugh.

“What’s today sweetie?” Mummy asked coming closer.

“We’re a whole year older mummy.” Chris said as we stop jumping.

“That was yesterday son you missed it.” Daddy came in then putting his arm around mummy waist, she looked up and he kissed her forehand.

“Nooo!” I shout looking at Chris. “We slept the day away.”

“I crossed each day on my calendar and I haven’t missed a day.” Chris said only I wasn’t listening I was too focus on the pictures in my head, they kept jumping about it hurt to see them and then they went replaced by my mummy worried face.


“I see pink and blue presents we haven’t missed it.” I was lying on the bed which was strange because I was standing on it.

“Of course you haven’t missed it, how could we not celebrate your fourth birthday.” Daddy said picking me up.

“How many presents Leigh Leigh?”

“I saw lots and lots and party stuff too can we go downstairs mummy?” Daddy looked at mummy something passed between them and then mummy smiled touching my face.

“Yes sweethearts.”


“It’s today.” I whispered waking from my dream and then it hit me. “Birthday.” For once I was not with my brother on our special day celebrating, waking each other up, running downstairs, opening presents, measuring ourselves against the door frame and enjoying the day even more because it was our special day.

This year however we would not be blowing out sixteen candles together as we should, the unexplained bond that linked us was surrounded by a high dark wall of hate and betrayal that wasn’t coming down anytime soon. No doubt Rachel has plans to make his day special, keeping it jam packed and fun all day long so that he won’t even spear me a moment thought. His hate for me was strong I could feel it, disappointment, hurt, shame, pain and anger. So while he was enjoying the day I was no further in my situation and certainly don’t think my captures would give me day release.

The door opened without my notice, which annoyed me I was too busy thinking of stupid things when I should be on guard. Two humans’ man and woman stood by the door and Charlie came inside with the Doc how was carrying some equipment.

“Morning.” Charlie said casually as if I wasn’t tied to a chair but lounging on a sofa. “The doc going to run some tests so if you wouldn’t mind allowing us to do that without knocking you out.”

“What tests?” I kept my voice hard and cold I didn’t like the fact that I had turned into the doc new project toy.

“It won’t take long and then you can walk around for a little while.” Doc said and I couldn’t hide the spark in my body of thought of stretching my legs even if it was just for a second.

“Can I walk now?” I asked calmly looking at Charlie, my legs ached my body was not used to being still for soo long and it couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Doc needs to-

“No now!” I snarled but realised that I need to calm down or I will stay like this, let them see how good I can be, behave and then I can try and escape. “Please, you can do the tests anything you want but please I need to move.”

Charlie turned to the people by the door. “Can you bring Rob, Martin and Kelly.” They nodded and one of them left. “Don’t make me regret this sweetheart because this will get worse. Understand?”

I nodded something made me believe Charlie and I knew he was already taking a risk allowing me to walk. The others came Charlie explained the situation, they untied my waist rope, feet and left my wrist behind my back tied. With the lack of blood I was weakening, struggled to stand from stiffness and two rough hands helped me to stand. I took a step away from chair with the hands still holding me, everyone eyes watched and waited for an attack of some kind. But I barely had the energy, how long had I being here before my last feed? I had only gone a few steps when I notice Charlie had me sat on a normal wooden chair and I was panting.

The doc came over then checking me over, taking samples, my hair, and my spit and of course my blood lots of blood. I sat there like a good girl allowing him to do this, feeling drained and I was allowed to stand once he had finished. I stood took a step when I suddenly felt dizzy my legs gave way and I went down.

“Sophie.” Heard a familiar voice but it couldn’t be that voice.

“Her name is Sophie?”

“It’s one of her names but her real name is Leighton.” I blinked gasping and saw Danny from the London bar crouched down next to me. “Hey nice to see you again.”  

The End

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