Tunnel Vision

Chase stumbled along in the darkness, batting away the cobwebs threatening to get caught in his hair. The sight of the strange creatures attacking Dina was imprinted in his vision, replaying over and over. As if vampires weren't bad enough, but some other creepy thing decides to turn up and attack spontaneously. At least it'd gained him his freedom. 

He could hardly feel his feet any more, moving after days of stiffness and in complete blindness. Every few steps he'd go crashing forwards after tripping on something or another. 

The sound of a groaning creak behind him added to his frantic movement, adrenaline surging through his veins. 


Chase reeled back, grabbing his arm where it's crashed into the solid wall. He let out a sound of annoyance and pushed at the stone barring his way, ramming his shoulder into it again and again. 

The sound of a loud hissing reached his ears, putting a newfound vigour into his efforts. 

The stone in front of him suddenly gave way, turning so that he was deposited on the other side and the tunnel behind him was sealed again. 

He blinked the light from his eyes, finding himself in a small cave. Chase quickly ran out of it, into the trees and towards a crumbling interstate road. 

Chase held a thumb out over the highway, hoping to hitchhike as far from the tunneling as possible. 

A few cars passed without bothering to slow for him, but a pickup pulled over to the side, the door opening. 

A very familiar pickup. 

"Hop in." Eva's voice came from inside, her honey brown eyes looking out at him, a small smile on her lips. 


The End

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