Did your mother drop you on your head?


Spitting blood from my mouth, I saw the water and gritted my teeth holding in the agonising screams as the laced water burned socking through to my skin. I don’t know how much time had passed could have been minutes, hours, yet it felt like days and I was close to cracking. I hadn’t said a word, barely whimpered once and just turned all my pain into anger.

“Just tell us who you are at list.” Bar man who I found out was called Charlie was sat on a chair a few feet away from me, he wasn’t getting his hands dirty letting Rob and the other one Martin use me as their stress ball.

“Can’t believe this, no emotion even I see can see pain, hell my hand feels more broke than her face.” Rob complained flexing his bloody fingers, Martin rolled his eyes muttering something under his breath and I smirked hearing it. Which was a mistake as Charlie was still watching me like a hawk. “She doesn’t even flinch or protest or anything.”

“It’ll be easier just to take a photo and upload it on the software. All the information will come through then, who she is, who created her, kills and everything.” Martin said looking at Charlie.

“Already checked that.” Charlie replied. The others turned to him expecting more.

“What?” Said Rob annoyed.

“Enlighten us then who the hell is she?” Martin asked.

“There’s no name very little information, just a few photos different hair to show the difference, constantly moving from what the records show and no idea who she is connected to, family or otherwise.” Charlie explained simply but I could see the puzzlement that flickered into his eyes.

I had to admit I was surprised by what little information they had on me, surprised at all that they had photos and connected all of them together, it was strange and made me think what else they had on the ‘amazing’ software.

“How is she able to do this I wonder?” The man who had been circling me was indeed a doctor and had been scribbling away on his notepad. “Also, you keep opening the bottle and yet she doesn’t even notice like other vampires” Oh believe me doc I noticed, I fought the urge every time and kept it hidden from you. “She throws us off guard bringing her into the building suddenly waking. I’ll have to take a blood sample and see if I can get to the bottom of this, check my research too.”

I bent my head feeling a smile creep over my lips and tried not to laugh at how foolish these so called hunters were. A creak of a chair, then a strong hand grasped my chin and I let a whimper escape surprised seeing Charlie face so close his hazel eyes brooding into my sapphires. I could see some scars from fights on his face, lines of age yet power and then the acknowledgement sinks in.

“Charlie what is it?” Martin asked edging closer.

“She wasn’t bitten and created.” Charlie replied still staring at me.

“So how was she created?” Rob stupidly said, Charlie let my chin go stepping back and I rolled my eyes.

“By her parents. Now that would explain it.” Doc was smiling happy to have solved the problem.

“Yeah that would make sense, you can see it now.” Martin nodded to himself checking me over.

“Parents…how though?” Rob was truly dumbstruck and couldn’t hold it back anymore purely for the fact that I couldn’t help but laugh.

Call it tension release but laughing at how clueless Rob was made me feel better, the others were shocked at finally seeing a reaction out of me and when I did stop I sighed.“Oh for god sake. Seriously did you not take biology?”

“But…surely?” The light bulb suddenly flashed on behind his eyes.

“Ding ding ding bright spark worked it out yet?”

“You’re a-

“I’m a born vampire.”     

The End

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