Escape Artist

Chase continued to stare at the doodles covering his prison, humming an unfamiliar tune. Things were getting surprisingly boring given the circumstances, and a lifetime spent in a cell was looking less and less an appealing option.

He suddenly noticed the spacing of the bars and reaching an arm through, started to force his body into the opening. It was when he'd gotten just past his shoulder that things got tight and somewhat impossible to negotiate. 

Chase tried to pull back out but, with a start, realised that he was stuck. As if things wouldn't get any better. 

The sounds of distant clattering and shouts startled him, being followed quickly by the door opening and the sound of running footfalls reaching him.

Dina looked panicked and then somewhat confused at the sight of him but, taking a key from around her neck, yanked the cell gate open and pulled him out of the door. 

"Run," she said, handing him his gun, "Run and don't turn back."

Chase only stared, dumbfounded, as she opened a door out of what looked like wall and shoved him into the hidden passage, shutting the entrance behind him. He had literally no time to protest but only turned, stooped over, and watched the vampire through a convenient hole in the wall. 

She was breathing heavily, glancing from side to side, and let out a yelp as a black blur that looked like an animal jumped onto her and ripped a chunk out of her throat. Dina fought back valiantly, being slowly pulled further and further down as other things latched onto her, ignorant of her nails and teeth spilling blood from their rapidly moving masses. 

"Get out!" she yelled in a strangled voice, before collapsing and being overrun by the creatures ripping her to shreds. 

Chase gaped a moment and then turned and ran down the cold tunnels, unable to see where he was going but unwilling to find out. 

He was tempted to turn back and fight to defend Dina, but the odds were stacked heavily against him. If a vampire in her prime was downed so easily, Chase didn't have much of a chance. 

The only option was to run. 

The End

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