Yes I'm awake


Sometime later my sensitive ears heard footsteps coming, sounds of keys clinging on someone trouser leg and heart beats growing. I bent my head letting my long curls fall covering my face and waited for the door. They came into the room five of them, two by the door other two came near and one circled me.

“Sleeping beauty still not awake.” One near to me said.

“Hmm.” The one who was circling me stopped. “Why don’t you see?”

One stepped forward, my eyes were closed but I could see the smirk on his face and then I sensed his hand move back ready to slap me, my body tensed waiting to strike back.

“Rob.” Someone warned but Rob wasn’t listening, I felt his hand move through the air and I snapped my head towards him growling sharp teeth and fangs. Rob jumped back startled by my sudden movement. “I did warn you, her body tensed and was awake all this time.”

I glared at Rob accessing him quickly before seeing the other men in the room, all of them had a weapon of some sort, and fitness seemed to be a high around here too given the muscles on some of them and all wore a mask of no fear. I stopped growling but still showed my teeth in warning. The door opened again and I snarled seeing the man from the bar, casually walking into the room and saw Rob face then he saw me and smiled.

“She been awake 5 minutes and has already annoyed Rob, what did you do?” The man asked me, I didn’t want to get into chit chat with him and he looked at Rob. “Well?”

“You know Rob never sees the signs, went to slap her only and nearly had his hand ripped off.” The one who was circling stopped behind me, he sounded older than the others.

“It wasn’t like that.” Rob said quickly to defend himself.

“Really then tell me why you looked soo surprised and fear shot into your eyes?” I wanted to smile at the comment, in fact I wanted to fight with Rob and show him how fearful I could be.

I didn’t know how closely the man from the bar was watching me till meet my eyes and smiled. “Think we can leave it there as she is fully awake.”

“Good.” Rob smirked flexing his hands, I growled at him and thinking he’ll be the first to die when I get out of this.

“First our guest must be hungry.” Bar man pulled out a bottle filled with blood. I pretended that I wasn’t fussed about the blood; I didn’t want them to give the excuse to torment me. “Come on now don’t you want it?” I just stared closing my mouth. “It’s not poisoned.”

The others seemed a little confused as to why I wasn’t growling like mad and trying to break free. Bar man twisted the lid open and the smell hit me but yet I did nothing to give away, it was clean like he said and even though my burning throat ached I refused to allow myself to need the blood.

“Interesting.” The man behind me muttered I heard the scribble of a pen on paper and guessed that he was some kind of researcher.

“Not many resisted blood. No matter I’ll move on.” Bar man lid back on the bottle, putting it back in his back pocket. “So what’s your name?” He sighed when I didn’t reply. “This is going to be a long day.”         


The End

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