All in all things were just peachy


I wasn’t dead. That I did know, I was being dragged painfully and if I tried to move then pain increased. My eyes slowly opened, I stopped sensing my captures surprise and saw the abounded warehouse.

“She just doesn’t want to go down.” One of the men commented tightening his grip on my bonded hands.

“Oh she’s going down.” I tried to snarl but something held my mouth shut, I wanted to move, to fight my way out and rip them all apart. The man from the bar came into view holding a syringe and plunge it into my neck. I went limp falling into arms, helpless and blackness consumed me again…

“Chris, wake up! Mummy will be worried about us.” The sun was dipping over the trees, Chris rubbed his eyes, and curls tangled like mine with the leaves and stood up noticing the setting sun.

“Leigh Leigh it’s late we have to go.”

“Give me a sec to finish will you.” I lay back on my tummy and carried on.

“What are doing?” Chris asked.

“I don’t know playing with leaves, pretty picture though?” I smiled up at him hoping he liked the strange pattern. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” But I wasn’t having any of it; I knew something was bugging him. He sighed reading my face. “I’ve seen daddy reading books, strange books and saw that pattern.”

“Wow how strange. Now come on we better get home.” I jumped taking his hand and we laughed as we went home…

The dream became a nightmare and when I did wake up I found that I was still in that nightmare. That sucked. My not so friendly captures must be on a break, but I couldn’t relax and was a little difficult giving the circumstances. From what I could work out, I was sat in a steel iron heavily chair (no doubt bolted to the floor), the rope that tied my hands behind chair was laced in the poison, the drug that they kept using was fading, I only knew that because I could feel the hits and feel the cuts that they left behind. I felt awake so carefully I opened my eyes trying work out where the hell I was, it was quite a big room dark except from the bard window at the top, a few crates here and there other than that it was bare.

My eyes found the heavy looking door by the far wall, my only escape and possibly my death. I sighed seeing how bad I looked, my blue shirt had a big blood stain where I had being stabbed and above that the rope was around my chest I could see my skin was red from the poison. Jeans torn a little too and dirty from where the dragged me no doubt and my booted feet tied to the chair legs.

My throat still burned and hurt to cough, I licked my dry lips feeling a cut that wasn’t there before and sighed. “Fabulous.”    

The End

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