Chase: Trapped

Chase nearly ran into the side of the mansion in his panic, yanking the keys out of the pickup and grabbing Dina to run inside. He placed her onto the couch in the living room, flinching at the dust coating it.

“Casey!” he half-yelled, disturbed by the stillness of her frame, “Wake up!”

Her startlingly blue eyes shot open and she laughed, softly at first and then loud and maniacally, clutching her stomach in a mixture of pain and amusement.

“You...” she gasped in between chuckles, “You...idiot...”

Chase could only feel his thoughts stumble in surprise, more unwilling to understand than anything else.

“What-what are you...”

Dina sat up, inhaling sharply, and cracked her neck on both sides, her expression painted with amusement.

“I never realized just how stupid you humans can be.”

She stood up and turned so that her back was facing him, pulling the tattered fabric of her dress taut so that he could see the unbroken skin underneath.

“I have a remarkable immune system,” she drawled, turning back to face him, “And a certain...intuition.”

Chase felt his eyes widen, but disbelief quickly coursed through him.

“Then why didn’t you just kill me in the first place? Why would you need me to bring you here?!”

She shrugged, even as her pearly fangs slid over her lower lip.

“I guess I wanted a little something for the road.”

Her eyes suddenly were overcome by a startling red, and, before he could do anything to stop it, Dina had moved toward him in a blur and the end of a blunt object connected painfully with his skull, making the world go black and his body fall to the floor with a thud.

Chase was blinking the oblivion from his eyes a considerable amount of time later, sitting up from where his form had been lying against the cold cement floor. His sight took a while to adjust to the darkness, giving him ample time to feel his surroundings.

Chase was surrounded by walls on three sides, no wider than a metre apart, and bars. Cold metal bars that felt rough to the touch. He was in a cell. That conniving, lying vampire had shut him up in a damned cell.

And yet, as much as he wanted to, Chase had a hard time directing his anger at Dina. It was wrong and he knew it, but the sight of her only made him think of Casey, and wonder if the two could possibly be one and the same. It was impossible for people to look that similar, he’d reasoned, to act the exact same. But then again, if there were things like vampires in the world, what kept doppelgangers from existing?

Nothing. And that was exactly what it was that kept him fighting this endless war, eliminating the vermin of the Earth even as they kept coming, growing in numbers as the amount of diligent hunters decreased. It was a losing battle, but no side could ever win.

Hunters could never be taken from the world-even as they died in the fight their brothers and sisters would rise and take their place. The planet could never be rid of the determined fighters that wrestled with the darkness. The planet could never be rid of angels, saviours. Could never be rid of what made it Earth; humanity.

The sudden flickering of a dim lightbulb pulled Chase from his thoughts. Dina was holding the cord to said bulb, her gown replaced with a simple summery halter-top dress, skin immaculate once more and her gleaming hair pulled into a braid. She looked almost human. Well, until she grinned and showed off the pointy set of fangs habituated behind her lips.

“Why,” she started, taking care to tie the cord in her hands to a post as far from Chase’s cell as possible, “You look absolutely delectable darling.”

Her words swayed and drawled dangerously, only surpassed by the violent glint reaching her eyes. The delicate hands attached to her graceful body moved to hold the bars separating them, making the odd bracelet around her wrist tinkle musically. Chase used the newfound light to look over what was outside his cell, being met only by a small, grey hallway and a set of stairs that led to a bolted door. Oh joy.

“Kill me already,” he muttered, stepping so that he was against the bars, “What is all this about? Stop wasting time.”

Dina looked somewhat taken aback, but her expression quickly reverted to one of mischief.

“I’m bored with all these quick and easy lunches. I want to have some fun.” she said, maintaining a somewhat serious face.

Chase felt his eyes narrow and spat out the most acidic remark he’d ever made in his life.

“You sick little freak. Get off your high horse and look around you.”

Dina raised an eyebrow, giving Chase the encouragement he needed to continue.

“Do you realize how many families you’ve ripped apart, feeding the way you do?! Mothers, fathers, children lost to your selfish ideas of fun. All that you’ve brought to this world is pain, suffering and grief. How can you live with yourself knowing that hundreds of innocent people have been shattered for you? You don’t deserve to be breathing or existing. You should be burning in hell along with the rest of you twisted, ugly creatures.”

Dina froze momentarily, before her arm suddenly flashed between the bars, her nails raking down the side of his face, and she put the light out with her fist.

“You don’t know a thing about me,” she hissed, “About the living hell I wake up to every day.”

And with that she was gone, her footsteps resounding over the staircase and the door opening before being slammed shut and locked.

Chase retreated to a corner of his cell and sat down, not bothering to tend to the blood dripping down the side of his cheek, but a question that was forming inside of his numbed mind.

Could vampires...have feelings?

The End

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