This is not my day


The plane finally landed at JFK airport New York, I wanted to get a car and drive the rest of the way. The airport was packed with warm blooded humans which was not helping my hunger issues, I needed to feed after the long flight, drinking nearly all of the bar on the plane had just about stopped me from ripping the flight attendant throat apart. But I couldn’t just take someone into the nearest ally as Briony warned me that hunters observed public places such as these, knowing that vampires such as myself needed to feed after a long flight and so I had to put it off.

I was waiting for a car to pull up so I could take it when a cold shiver suddenly went down my spine; it set me on edge knowing when I had felt this feeling before. I kept my head down as I walked normally as I could, but I felt them following me and knew I couldn’t out run them now they had my scent. The street was busy making it harder to move between people, I crossed over the road looking quickly over my shoulder seeing the two male vampires still following me and then a female appeared just ahead of me. I knew where this was heading so I took the next turning on my left which lead me into a small park and with vampire speed dashed unseen by humans. It was going well until I was grabbed by the throat, slammed up against a brick wall and thrown down a hidden hole.

“So nice of you to drop in Leighton.” I coughed spitting out blood, stood up my back clicking as it healed and took in my surroundings. It was some kind of passageway; corridors lead of in different directions, dark not well lit and was wet on the ground. Then my eyes found the face for the voice and my heart jumped seeing Francesca daughter of Carmine Vulgari. “I thought we could do with a caught up.”

“Francesca.” I replied through gritted teeth, I was surprised to see her she didn’t stray far from her evil family and with so many guards too. “Picked a nice place here, you remodelling?”

“No I just didn’t want blood on my white carpet at home.” Francesca smiled her twisted deep red lips. “Pleasant flight?”

“Cut the crap Francesca what do you want?” I sighed she always made a show of things, loved the sound of her own voice and always dramatic seems nothing had changed from the last time I saw her.

“I want to know why you are here.”

“Travelling.” She moved coming in front of me, I stood my ground looking into her dark eyes.

“Where are you going and don’t lie to me Leighton, we both know how bad your family is at lying.”

 I snared under my breath. “Pennsylvania I need to find a mansion in need of TLC.” It was no use lying as she said one of her skills she had.

“Hmm interesting.” She ran her hand through her raven black hair thinking. “Fine just try not to kill too many people like you did in London.” I didn’t care how she found out I just needed to escape.

“That’s it?” I was little confused by the situation, it seemed a bit much for Francesca just so she could talk and why were there so many guards here, three were with us now but I could sense more around the area.

Francesca laughed slightly her face a perfect poker face. “Just watch your back Leighton. Goodbye.” Then she vanished before I could ask anymore and so were the guards.

Finally, I made my way outside the sun was setting and the streets were even busier with humans going home from the long week of work. I grabbed a young woman pretending to be lost and pulling her into an alleyway to sink my hungry teeth into her rich warm blood. Being out in public made me edgy so I couldn’t enjoy the feed as much, so healed and cleared her head letting her carry on. I came out of the ally seeing a neon sign for a bar, after dealing with Francesca I needed a drink and then I would get a car out of this city.

It was just getting busy with humans; I walked up to the bar and ordered a glass of wine. Just about to take a sip when someone tapped my shoulder, I turned seeing an unfamiliar face.

“Jenny wow I haven’t seen you since high school.” The man said his eyes studying me.

“I’m sorry but you have the wrong person.” I replied polity unsure of this person, something wasn’t right.

“Oh sorry sweetheart, you look like someone I know.”

“That’s ok, have a good night sir.” I turned away from him, his hand was on mine and I tensed.

“Let me buy you a drink, Justin two shots for me and the lovely lady here.” The man waved at the bartender who just nodded.

“Really I must be going now, I’m meeting my friends in a club and it’s on the other side of town.” He let go of my hand and the bartender returned with a clear drink, it must be Vodka I thought and I was wondering if this human thought he could get me drunk.

“One for the road then, gets you in the party mood and I’ll only have to drink it myself.” He watched me carefully, I decided to humour him and he could be my bite to eat later.

So I picked up the glass not noticing the strange smell and shot it down my throat. “That is horr-

I couldn’t finish my sentence, my throat was burning and I coughed wanting rid of the horrid drink. “Wha..isss…” I snarled as the poison drink travelled around my body causing pain.

“Just something to keep you down sweetheart.” The man voice changed taking on a dark edge and then he had a wooden stake in his hand. “This may hurt just a bit.”

“Hunter.” I choked out then he rammed the stake into me. “Arrr!”    

The End

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