Two unknown hunters


That morning I woke on the stage, wearing less and Danny snoring softly beside me. I fought the urge to bite him last night, which was unlike me but guess I was full after the attack. I grabbed my clothes and made my exit out the back door.

It didn’t take me long to get back to the house, quietly as I could I opened the door and tip-toed along the hallway, although my efforts weren’t need.

“Walk of shame hmm classy.” Briony called out to me. I smiled walking normally into the kitchen but it dropped seeing the newspaper. Briony observant as ever saw my reaction. “I was going to tell you, but it looks like you know more than we do.”

The article read about a gang bloodbath on the Black Moor estate, bodies stabbed almost ripped apart and blood everywhere. “I had a vision.”

“Leighton you’ve got to be careful here can’t attract too much attention to ourselves or else we’ll have hunters crawling all over us.” Briony explained I could see the worry in her eyes. “Besides we’ve got other things to worry about.”

“What is it?” Briony led me into the main room where Kyle busy on his computer, each screen showing something different. “Kyle what’s going on?”

“I received a call from a friend in Pennsylvania; two vampires fairly known were killed in a house. Maria and other known as ‘Dina Lane’ he was going to the house when he saw an unrecognisable car leave, no one else knew they were there.” Kyle brought up a rundown mansion that really need to TLC, the other screen showed a black pickup truck. “He sent me some photos as you can see on the screens.”

“So why did he call you?” I asked confused.

“Dine Lane was a big kill, someone like that draws attention to our world and just like Gione or Francis.” Kyle showed me a picture of Dina Lane; she was pretty and didn’t look familiar to me. “There’s a connection between Gione and Dina though, they were both killed by the same hunter.”

“The same hunter?” I surprised it didn’t add up why would travel from France to the USA.

“There’s something else Leighton.” Briony carefully spoke. “There are two hunters working together, but we don’t know who they are.” I looked at Kyle how held his hands up. “We don’t know what they are after.”

“What makes you think there after something?” I started twirling my necklace around my fingers. “Why don’t you have information about them?”

“I was hoping you could help us with that.” Kyle said looking back at Briony who nodded.

“How can I help though?”

“I need you to go to the mansion in Pennsylvania.”

The End

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