Chase: Changed

Chase felt his jaw drop, the gun nearly falling from his hands.

“Casey? What? How?”

She smiled warmly, before letting the expression drop and lunging at him with her white fangs bared, wrestling him to the wall with astounding strength, knocking the gun from him and pinning both arms to his back.

“I don’t know who the hell you are,” she half-whispered into his ear, in an unrecognizable southern drawl, “But my name’s Dina Lane, and it always has been.”

Chase struggled, hindered by his own memories.

“You’re dead.” He pulled an arm free and elbowed his captor in the jaw, watching as she stumbled back. “I watched your throat being ripped out. I watched that thing run off while you drowned in your own blood. As much as I wanted to, I could never forget that. Never.”

Dina put a hand on her hip, parting her full red lips in amusement.

“You’re real stupid to be coming into this house, hear? I don’t have time for your crazy talk, and I don’t care how much the police offered you. Don’t fight back and I’ll be quick.”

She shifted slightly, making the black velvet of her gown mold to her movement. The sleeves reached her tiny wrists, skin-tight, and the hem was brushing against the dusty floors. What looked to be a conservative length was nullified by the slit that reached mid-thigh, offering glimpses of slim, milky-white legs, and delicate feet resting in five-inch heels. The dress was backless, the fabric framing her flawless skin and each noticeable bone in her spine. It was the gold, however, the gold of her straight, shoulder-length hair that made the black look even darker, until it seemed to be swimming with shadows. The piercing blue of her eyes made it all seem dream-like, surreal. Mesmerizing.

“Are you goin’ to answer me or spend the next ten years just staring?”

Chase felt his mouth open and close, voice unwilling to come to him. Dina cocked her head to the side, making her hair cascade down a shoulder like silk, expression even more amused, if not slightly annoyed.

“It is a new dress, if that’s what you’re wondering about. Awful nice, I know. I’m really truly sorry, but…I’m going to have to kill you right about now.”

Her eyes flushed with red, fangs quickly slipping out of her gums, and she rushed at Chase again. He grabbed a crowbar from the floor beside him, pulled into action, and swung it at her repeatedly, even as she dodged each strike in a flurry of gleaming hair. Chase let his arm slice through the air once more, feeling the tool in his hands connect with bone. Dina stepped back, a hand on her bleeding cheek and, with an inhuman shriek, grabbed the crowbar, bent it into two, and tackled its wielder to the ground.

“You’re gonna wish you never messed with me,” she muttered, seething, “I’ll make this hurt like work on a Sunday.”

Dina smirked cruelly and bent down, her fangs just piercing his skin, but was quickly interrupted by the loud noise of a gunshot. She froze, taking in a gurgling, gasping breath, and fell limp on top of him, blood seeping through her dress.

Chase pushed her off, rubbing his neck, to see Eva holding a still-smoking handgun. She holstered it, seeming disturbed.

“Christ, Chase, she nearly killed you. I was busy enough dealing with another vamp in the back room. You won’t always be this lucky.”

Chase shrugged, standing and slinging Dina’s body over a shoulder.

“You grab the other one. I’ll drive.”

The End

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