Blood and Booze


The club was packed with humans their hearts beating in time with the music, the band was playing loudly and the crowed was alive with the music pumping their blood. Briony was dancing closely to next to a group of young boys too lost in the music to notice her approach; she grabbed one by the arm locked eyes and bit into his neck. To anyone else it looked like a girlfriend kissing her guy. Briony looked up winking at me then returned to her feed. The band was good whoever they were, I went over to the bar where Kyle was nursing a bottle of Jack Daniels which he had no doubt robbed from the bar and got a glass pouring me one.

“This place has a great vibe.” I said downing my drink, enjoying the buzz that I had tonight.

“Yeah this place attracts a lot of people.” Kyle poured me another drink and smiled as Briony returned. “I should be jealous my girl being closed to another man.”

“Oh honey you should be jealous.” Briony replied.

“Sweetheart I am the only man for you.” Kyle said I suddenly felt like I interrupted a private moment between them.

“Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and show me.” Briony ran her hand down his arm, Kyle grabbed her hand kissing it and I saw the passion in his eyes.

“Right here on the bar.”

“On broken glass.” Briony held his glaze and seductive smile crept over her lips. “In front of all these people.”

“Okayyy that is my cue to leave you two till the morning.” I grabbed the bottle of JD hugged Briony and found a side door that led up some stairs to the roof.

The streets of London where still busy, humans hurrying home to their families, traffic moving swiftly and if I listened closely the sound of the underground tubes. The sky was a blanket of stars not that many humans could see the with the bright lights of the city, but I could and enjoyed the city view at night. I walked round feeling restless taking sips of the drink, I had fed in the club which at the time had settled me but now I had all this restless energy and needed to release it somehow.

As if on cue my vision changed showing me a block of run down flats a street saying ‘Black Moor’, a gang of teenagers all running after something or someone…

I stayed still clutching my purse and couldn’t look up in fear, but knew they were there blocking my escape home and ready to pounce.

When I came back into focus my head was sore and I knew where I had to go, taking out my iphone I quickly found the street map and saw that Black Moor estate wasn’t far away.

“Just the distraction I needed.”

It didn’t take me long to reach the rundown estate, there wasn’t many people about here and if there was their heads would be down, moving without being notice and key in hand ready to unlock their doors to almost safety. My senses were on high alert as I walked normally as I could not to attract attention to myself, my eyes scanned everything and my ears waited to hear the sound I needed-a panicked thumping heart beat.

Then I found what I was looking for and my body turned tense waiting to strike. I had to play this cleverly, the girl who was no more than 10years old was curled up on the ground protecting her head and I could smell her blood. A growl escaped my throat, one of the boys turned and murmured something but I had moved. The group must have felt something a chill of some sort, I could feel the tension now their own hearts starting to pick up now and kept looking around when a stray dog ran by them braking they all jumped.

“Picking on little girls.” They turned a little shocked at first seeing a woman in heels, jeans and jumper. “It doesn’t make you all ‘bad-ass.” I removed the jumper letting my golden long curly hair wrap around me. “In fact it makes you all kind of lame.” The leader of the group with badly cut greasy hair stepped forward holding out a knife.

“Back off Goldie locks.”

“Yeah I’ll call you later babe and I’ll show how bad-ass I can be.” One of the other boys said earning smirks off his friends.

“Little boy you could not afford me or show me a good time.” The girl was still curled up frozen in place, I had to finish this and I was getting bored with the chit-chat. “If your sooo bad-ass, then show me.” I smiled winking at them to come feeling my teeth sharpen and my fangs extending in my mouth. One last look around to confirm that we were alone and then they came at me.

It wasn’t much of a fight but I was still grateful that my parents had taught me and him whose leather jacket I had. I snapped the first boy’s neck in seconds, they tried to land a hit but were only hitting air and I grabbed one hand feeling the creak flipping him over slamming his body to the ground. The others where easy to take down and all was left was the so called leader who had let his friend take the fight while he stood leaning against the wall by the little girl.

“Very nice for a girl.” He commented as if I needed his approval.

“I was told not to play with my food but I might make the exception with you.” I snarled showing my shape teeth. “Try and be a nice person next lifetime.” The boy stood holding his knife with a shaking hand, I lunged ripping into his skin and drug my nails deeply into him. I could sense them a mile off, scavengers smelling fresh blood and an easy bite. The boy dropped to the ground in a crumpet bloody mess, I whipped my mouth and crouched down to the little girl.

“Hey sweetie it’s ok the bad people have gone now.” I kept my voice low but I could feel them getting closer. “Your safe let me take you home.” Slowly she opened one eye studying me. “Hey.” I smiled kindly taking her hand and she opened her other eye. “You’re ok. You’re safe now. Trust me.” Using compulsion like many vampires had I calmed her, slowly she uncurled herself and studied me with big blue eyes.

“Where are they? Who are you?” She asked confused.

“That doesn’t matter let’s get you home.” I stood up taking her hand and moving her away from the bodies. The scavengers came then with blood red eyes, taking the bodies and scrapping for blood. They were the worst kind of vampires, the ones who enjoyed the kill dragging it out, didn’t care, prayed on the weak and scavenged on fresh kills. I found out where the little girl lived, which was a lot nicer estate and waited for her door to open and disappeared clearing her memory replacing it of the nightmare.

I didn’t want to walk in on Kyle and Briony passion so I carried on walking finding myself at the same bar that I was in, it had died down now the band packing up the last of the equipment and people leaving hand-in hand.

“You look like you need a stiff drink.” A guy I remembered from earlier came from behind the bar putting chairs up on the tables.

“Aren’t you closing?” I noted waving my hands at the empty space. He laughed putting the last of the chairs on the table.

“I might stay a while; care to join me for a drink?” I took in his short brown hair some came across his forehead, stubble, lean yet hidden muscle built and watched his bluely-green eyes go large taking me in.

“What’s your poison?” He smiled going to the bar taking two glasses and a bottle of tequila. “I’ll cut the lime.”

Everyone had left by the time we where halfway down the bottle, I was laughing and actually having a good time.

“So Sophie where are from?” I hated that I couldn’t tell him my real name but I was still weary of someone following me and was safe to cover my tracks. “Sophie.”

“It doesn’t matter where I was from; it’s where I want to go that matters.” I giggled making light of the topic.

“And where might that be?”

“Well to start I want to go on your bar.” I took the bottle taking a large drink, leaning forward and brushing my lips near his skin. “Care to join me Danny?”

“That’s an offer I can’t refuse.” I stood on my chair walking on top of the bar; Danny turned the lights on lower and locked the door. “Don’t fall.”

“Are you going to catch me Danny?” I teased knowing I found a different distraction. He came then with bottle taking a mouthful, I grabbed the bottle had a drink and throw it to the floor feeling the heat begin to rise between us. “Don’t hold back.”




The End

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