Chase: Guilt

“Hey, you alright?”

Chase snapped from his reverie, flashing Eva a forced smile before returning his steely eyes to the road.


His hands tightened on the steering wheel, jaw set tightly. In all honesty, his answer couldn’t have been farther from the truth. An overwhelming sense of guilt kept hitting him, reverberating through whatever shreds of a soul remained inside. Josh had died. Because he hadn’t been there to protect him. Chase hadn’t even been there for him while he was alive, either, to talk or shoot hoops or do whatever brothers did. It was all his fault, in a way.

And Eva...

The sight of the luscious young woman brought on tidal waves of regret. She was so much like Casey, so much like her that it was almost scary. Her spunky, smooth attitude and bold way of speaking made them seem like twins-with similar thoughts but appearances worlds apart.

“You’re about to hit a tree.”

Chase was drawn from his thoughts again, just quickly enough to veer back onto the road with a jerk of the back wheels. He could sense Eva’s evaluating gaze on him, even as the gun in her hands was cleaned and loaded.

“You sure you’re okay, Chase?”

He met her eyes this time, somewhat surprised by her softer tone.

“Yeah, I...I’m just...really worried about this hunt.”

That was true enough. The two were taking down a certain ‘Dina Lane’, a lady vamp with an affinity for kills and swift disappearances. Interpol had been involved for years, never even getting a sniff of the slippery predator.

Chase parked the truck by the side of the road, jumping out and approaching the nearby mansion, a rundown, thought-to-be-abandoned building.

The white walls were chipping and cracked, old brick poking through the paint. Vines had near-swallowed the structure, weaving through the crevices and filling the otherwise desolate sight with green. Word on the street was that Dina rested in the house between kills and, seeing as how a recent murder had been committed nearby, with the vampire’s MO of a near-shredded throat, chances were as good as they were about to get.

“I’ll take the back.” Eva whispered, gun-holding hand pointing towards the house.

Chase nodded at her, watching her in her brief hesitation. She gave him a quick peck on the lips and squeezed his hand before, brown eyes still unsatisfied, slunk off into the cloudy afternoon. Chase stood a moment, breathing her sweet, quickly-disappearing scent, and headed to the front door.

He tried the knob but, finding it locked, kicked the damned door open instead. Black fabric swished into his vision, quickly becoming replaced by a perfect, porcelain face.A very, very familiar face.


The End

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