Old friends


“Come on slow coach.” Chris calls climbing over the fallen log. “I’ll eat all the cookies mummy made.”

“No that’s not fair!” I whine my feet were rubbing in my new shoes with the tiny heel. “How do girls walk in these?” Grumbling to myself I remove the shoes, my socks and feel my toes wiggle in the soft soil.

“Leigh Leigh are you coming?” Chris comes back looking down and pointing to my bare feet. “You could make big foot tracks.” We giggle as I jump making tracks in the soil; Chris finds a branch with leaves on and drags it along the path.

“What is that for?”

“Big foot tail.”

“Big foot doesn’t have a tail or does he?”

“We can ask daddy later.” We agree and carry on stopping when we reach the sunny hill sitting to eat our cookies and then we lie back in the sun watching the clouds pass us by.


A loud banging noise startled me awake; I was still zooming in the darkness, curled up in my seat and only the sound of the train on the tracks. After ditching my car, went in the airport moving between the crowds’s, taking a hat wrapping my hair underneath it and found the exit by the taxis. Wasting no time I got in and told the driver where to go. I took a quick bite leaving two pale semi-circles that lasted for a few hours and then got on the Eurostar to London.

I was beginning to get irritable again, I hadn’t fed properly ever since my vision and needed something more. The taxi driver would be awake by now confused but unharmed after the quick bite. Then I caught the scent that I needed, it was coming closer and then right next to me.

“Excuse me Miss, we will be arriving in London in 15 minutes please make sure you have your luggage.” The man informed me, just enough time and I locked eyes.

“Don’t scream.” I pull him down, feeling my teeth sharpen and break into his skin.

The train pulled into the station as I whipped my mouth, I gave the man a tiny bit of my blood to help to recover and put my large travel bag on my shoulder. The station was busy even at the early hour, I made my way through the thong of bodies going at a normal human speed and keeping my head down under the hat. Eventually I found the way out, the sun had rose warming my skin and I took a breath of fresh air.

“Well look what the cat dragged in.” I recognised voice turning I saw the never changing face.

“Ugh look what the cat spat out.”

“It’s good to see you Leighton.” She smiled warmly. “You look troubled no wonder you called me.”

“You’re the only person who could help Briony.”

“Come lets go back to my place, Kyle will be happy to see you too.” Briony led me to her car and I told her about last night events.

“I didn’t know they were hunters.” I kept saying feeling annoyed with myself, I could have save Francis.

“How have you even survived?” Briony suddenly asked pulling up outside her town house, her question caught me off guard and she looked back at me. “Never known of hunters?”

I got out the car grabbing my bag Briony followed key in hand opening the door, her house hadn’t changed much over the years, books towered everywhere, paper stacked on every available surface and other artefacts lying around. Briony was a made vampire, she was over 200 years old but only looked in her early twenties, long auburn hair, green eyes and sweet smile.   

Briony led me into the main room where her partner Kyle was tapping away on the computer, with 3 screens and strange objects flashing every so often. Kyle was also a made vampire but only 70 years old, Kyle was a whiz when it came to technology, finding out any information in just a click.

“Leighton my other favourite girl.” Kyle comes over and hugs me tightly, his black curly hair tickles my nose and I pull back smiling. “So what do you want?” He asks straight to the point as ever.

“I just wanted to see my old friends.” I say sweetly not fooling him at all, Briony hands me a glass tinted drink and points to the sofa.

“Less of the old and you still haven’t answered my question.” Briony took a slip of her drink and raised her eyebrow.

I sighed sitting down. “I don’t know…keeping a low profile with my feeds? Moving all the while…maybe the hunters aren’t keeping track of me.” Kyle sat and turned back to his computer started typing.


“What is it?” I take a sip of my drink and almost spit it out when Kyle moves the screen so I can see it. “Or maybe I’m wrong.” They were reports of people who had unexplained memory loss, finding themselves in places they had never been and an ache in their bodies-such as their necks.

“It’s not just that, some photos have been taken from security cameras and as you see they’ve got some good ones of you.” Kyle explained.

“They don’t know who you are though.” Briony added.

“Oh god.” I muttered. “What am I going to do?”

“Did you see the hunters last night?” Briony asked.

“Not as such wait…Kyle what information have you got on hunters?” Kyle gave me a sly look turned and started clicking away.

The End

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