Chase: Flow

Eva walked silently across the rooftop, gesturing towards the young-looking man outside La Roux. Chase nodded and trained his gun onto the vampire, grinning as his gloved hand pulled the trigger. The distant explosion of blood and cry of pain were music to his ears but, noticing the blonde beside him only pause a moment before running to a car in the nearby parking lot, Chase realized that she wasn’t the escort he’d made her out to be. She knew what this meant. He turned to speak to Eva, mouth hanging agape when he realized she was gone.

“Well,” he muttered to himself, “Don’t wait for me then.”

He pocketed his gun and ran down the stairs of the building, bursting into the night air to a peaceful sight. Francis Forgione lying in a pool of his own blood, the convulsions slowing. The paralyzed creature was slung over a shoulder, the blood discreetly scrubbed away with a bucket, and the smell of disinfectant left lingering by the doorway of the posh club. Chase plopped the body into the back of Eva’s pickup truck, glad to see that she hadn’t taken it along with her in pursuit. A grey blanket was thrown on top of the ex-drug-smuggling vamp, body swaying once the vehicle was set in motion.

It had taken a whole lot of grovelling and pleading to get Eva to make a spare key for him but, realizing how often she left him hanging during vampire hunts, it hadn’t taken long. Just seven months, to be exact. The extermination of Francis, or ‘Gione’ as most addressed him, had been quick and easy. The club, La Roux, was a popular vampire hideout and, while Chase did have half a mind to blow it up some day, it provided many chances to delve into the secret societies of the undead. This particular kill was actually the result of a series of deaths in teenagers due to a drug formulated and sold by Gione, popularly called ‘liberty’. It caused brain tumours within weeks.

Arriving at his favourite, desolate farmyard, Chase grabbed Francis through the blanket, taking a large bottle with him as he did. The vampire was dumped on the ground behind an abandoned barn, blanket and all. Forgione was swiftly soaked with kerosene, making him suddenly splutter and grab at his chest in pain, where the bullet was still embedded. He looked at Chase with panicked eyes, gaze shifting from the kerosene to the lighter being clicked open. The freak only had a chance to scream, loud and cowardly into the clear country skies, before he was ablaze. Chase returned to the pickup, smiling and driving back to the classy hotel he’d been staying in.

The Delta Inn and the Flueve couldn’t be more different. This time he’d gotten a room half the size of a soccer field, a massive double bed and a giant bathroom with a stand-alone tub. Upon his entrance, however, Chase groaned. The bed sheets were strewn across the floor, bottles upon bottles of wine littering the threshold, and a mess of plates, decor and clothes, most of which he couldn’t recognize. Checking the door handle, his worst fears were confirmed. He’d forgotten the ‘Do not Disturb’ sign on there, warding off all of the cleaning ladies. Pulling it off, he used the hotel phone to call room service and was told that his room would be ‘cleaned trés vite!’ Marvelling at how anyone could be enthusiastic about cleaning an utter mess, Chase left the room to stroll outside.

 Josh’s death was still unavenged, but Chase and Eva had made good use of their time, working to carefully pick off each of the Vulgaris, one by one. Their undercover missions had gone so well that they had crashed a vampire party without being discovered only the day before. The two had been significantly drunk upon returning to the Fleuve, Eva staying over in Chase’s room for a bottle of wine to celebrate three downed  vamps in a night, and, after that...nothing. Only a gaping hole was left in Chase’s memory, but the morning’s hangover told him one thing-he’d drunk quite a bit over the course of the night. He had asked Eva about what had happened, but she’d only smirk and shake her head sadly. A few sneaking suspicions, along with blurred snippets of passionate moments still in his mind, had given him a few ideas. One of them being never to drink again.

Chase’s pocket buzzed, making him start a moment.

“Eva? Any chance you got the blonde?”

He could hear her sigh, clearly frustrated.

“No. She took her car to an airport, and I lost her in the crowd. I’m...I’m sorry, Chase. I should’ve done better, run faster...”

“Hey,” he cut her off, voice as soothing as it ever got, “Don’t worry about it. There are a billion other vampires to burn, and it was a small slip-up.”

“Are there a billion others that are Alexander’s girlfriends?”

That stopped the soothing right away.

“What? How would you even know something like that?”

Eva paused, tone steeled.

“You’re not the only one with files on vampires. I have my sources.”

The call clicked shut, leaving Chase to run a hand over his face, peeved with himself. He’d had a clear shot, perfect wind conditions...he could’ve shot the blonde. He could’ve found Josh’s killer.

“Damn it.” he breathed, returning to his room to meditate.

The door clicked open a short time later, revealing Eva, looking annoyed with herself. Chase opened an eye from his place on the bed, feeling the anxiety rolling off of her.

“Eva, you know I still mean what I said.”

She turned towards him, eyebrow raised.

“What’s that?”

“That there are a billion other vamps to burn. And that I need you to burn them with me. We’ll find this blonde, and we’ll find whoever killed my stepbrother but, right now, let’s just go with the flow.”

Eva laughed a little, a clear, tinkling laugh that emphasized her perfect lips.

“Ookay, and how exactly do I 'go with the flow'?”

Chase leaned back on his palms, a mischievous grin on his face.

“You could start by telling me what happened last night.”

She dumped her jacket on the floor, walking over to Chase and looking at him a moment, thinking, before sitting on his lap, facing him. Eva pulled the hair tie from her head, shaking her curls loose, and kicking off her stilettos. Leaning over, she whispered into his ear, each word even more pleasing then the sound of vampire brains hitting the sidewalk.

“How about I show you?”

The End

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