Champagne and blood


French Riviera, July 7months later…

Taking a glass of champagne I poured some into the golden sand and tossed up to the sky before taking a sip. The pain never seemed to fade every morning I opened my eyes thinking it was all a bad dream…only it wasn’t the nightmare still haunted me. Shadows of a past life refused to leave.

“Cosette whatever are you doing pouring champagne of this vintage into the sand?” It takes me a moment to realise she is talking to me, I had only been here a few weeks and for a moment forgotten that was the name I was using.

“I can afford it Azelma.” I replied lying back on my sun lounger feeling the sun heat my cold skin.

“Well that is true.” She pulls her back hair into a bun and reaches into her bag. “Do fancy something extra?” Shaking the silver canister filled with blood.

“Of course.” I smile as she pours some of the blood in the flute, stopping the blood with my finger and placing it in my mouth. “Hmm now that is good vintage.” We laugh clinking glasses and take in the view our eyes hidden by our Ray Ban sunglasses. Humans were interesting to watch, they went about their lives not noticing what was right in front of them and what they should fear.

“Now I wouldn’t mind one of them rubbing sun cream on me.” Azelma commented as a group of young men carrying surfboards walked passed.

“Your right all fit and healthy could take one back with me.” I turn to her and smile.

“Let’s hope they come to the club tonight, and then we can see if the taste as good as they look.”


I stare in the mirror looking at girl who I hardly recognise. Her body has changed slender, toned muscles and stronger skin. Her golden curls made straight and cut to her shoulders to keep her identity safe. But it was her eyes that had changed the most as well as her personality; her sapphire eyes had darkness in them like everything else about her. She had changed.

The deep silk green cocktail dress clung to my body, I slipped my feet into the Gucci black strappy heels that I picked up this afternoon and put the crystal earrings on that matched my necklace that never left my neck. My visions had not affected me in some time which I found odd but put it down the human blood supply.

My phone suddenly beeped indicating that I had a message, taking my bag I took the phone and looked seeing it was from Azelma.

*We are meeting at La Roux 8:30pm, see you soon*

I smiled remembering last time she took me there and taking my car keys I closed the door.


The street was alive with people, music and posh cars parking up. They stopped at stared as I pulled up in my red Lamborghini, the door opened upwards and I gracefully climbed out heading towards La Roux going straight inside pass the huge cue of humans.

I walk towards the VIP area, the music loud and thumping, the club is busy tonight as usual anyone who anyone comes here-which includes vampires. The VIP area in club stood for Vampires In the Premises; the vampire security nodded and allowed me to pass through.

Before long the group that I was with hand drank another bottle of tinted champagne, some were dancing with one another, laughing joking around and one or two had human near them taking a few nibbles.

“Cosette come dance with an old man.” Francis shouted wave his hand at me, he was old over 400 years but he still looked in his 20’s. I got up smiling taking his hand as he dancing spinning me around.

Suddenly, I feel the familiar sensation creep over my body, I stop dancing looking round I see an door leading outside, Francis follows and I walk out into the allay.

“Cosette what’s wrong?” Francis asks confused.

“I need… a moment alone please.” He leaves just before I crouch down clutching my crystal necklace which had begun to glow.

A rooftop, someone is hiding holding a shiny object, the image is burry and then a flash of red.

I gasped my senses of high alert, there’s a unfamiliar scent and then I see Francis running towards me.

“We need to get out of here now!” We run down the allay when I hear the gun shot, Francis drags me down with him and I notice he’s bleeding. “Run Cosette get of here before they come for you.”


“The hunters. You need to leave.” He gasps. “Leave me.” Quickly I kiss his forehead then run, finding my car and drive at full speed. I dash into apartment, grabbing clothes, changing and before leaving set fire leaving no evidence.

The End

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