Rachel: And then there were two

      Christian stomped down the stairs clenching and unclenching his fists. I could see his muscles tense in his arms and his silvery eyes were blanketed in a black haze. "I-I just can’t believe she would do this! She’s my sister! You know what though? She really isn’t. She hurt mom and dad and me and you. And didn’t ever confess-she had just been hiding a horrible lie this whole entire time! I cannot believe Leighton!" Christian growled. "And you know what? Getting rid of was the best decision I ever made!" He walked over to the coat rack and yanked down his Chestertown Cougars sweat shirt. “I’m going on a walk and I’ll be back in a little bit.” I decided I should give him some time to cool off so I didn’t ask to tag along. “Come back soon though, okay?” Christian’s face lightened and he nodded his head. “Of course. Love you, Rach.” He said and he gently kissed my forehead then left.

After Christian was gone, I decided to cook something for us and get my mind off all the drama that just went down. I couldn’t believe Christian yelled at Leighton to leave…he was always extremely protective of her so it was unexpected. I think I might miss Leighton but I doubt she’ll miss me.  I kind of thought of her as a sister but I guess she didn’t feel the same way. I’m still in shock she and Alex were together all this time. Speaking of that cold blooded jerk, he disconnected our webcam as soon as Leighton left so I hope he isn’t around here…but he could be anywhere. Also, I feel bad for Josh. Creepy as he may be, he didn’t deserve to be killed!

As the sun’s warm red-orange glow disappeared into the leafless silhouettes of the oak trees that bordered the darkening horizon, I searched the cabinet for some chicken broth. As I maneuvered the walk in cabinet’s many modern nooks and crannies, I heard a scratching noise upstairs. “…Christian?” I called up the stairs into the dark bedroom hallway. The scratching continued and I slowly sauntered out of the monstrous pantry closet. I contemplated whether or not to go upstairs but decided I should and I crossed my fingers Alex wasn’t up there. I silently floated up the sleek, cold marble staircase and into the pitch black hallway. I ran to the entrance to Christian room where the hallway light switch is and flicked it on. I scanned the corridor for people but I didn’t see anyone or anything. Although the scratching had stopped, I decided to look around the 2nd floor, just to be safe. First, I entered Christian’s room…nothing out of the usual. His acoustic guitar was propped up against his glass desk and his bed was made nicely. A few clothes scattered the floor but I didn’t see the sight of anybody and I’m guessing nobody could fit in his dresser. As I was leaving his room, I heard the front door fly open and a rush of frosty air ripped through the entire house. My eyes widened and I gasped in shock.

“Rachel I’m back!” I heard Christian shout and suddenly I was filled with relief. I trotted downstairs to my gorgeous boyfriend and hugged him tightly around his chest. He smelled like late autumn and the musty scent of the forest clung to his jacket. “You’re back!” I squealed gleefully. “Of course I am beautiful! Is everything okay?” He asked as his one eyebrow was raised above the other (a trick I had taught him the night we first met).

 I unattached myself from him and made an ‘in the middle’ thumb gesture. “Well, I was going to make us soup but then I heard a scratching noise upstairs so I decided to look around. Luckily I didn’t find anything but I was surprised when the front door opened so I’m happy your back.” I replied. He seemed a little nervous but his voice was courageous. “Just stay down here, I’m going to go check upstairs-kay darling?” I agreed and flopped myself down on the rabbit fur couch in front of their crackling fireplace. I watched as his figure rose up the stairs and he surveyed the hallway. After he walked past the light switch, he disappeared from my view so I decided to continue-err, start my chicken noodle soup. I finally found the chicken broth behind the vegetable oil and started to boil it on the stove top. I watched as the water quickly heated and the tiny bubbles danced up to the steaming hot surface of the pot’s water. I poured our chicken noodle soup in and when it was finished cooking I emptied the pot into two ceramic mugs as Christian returned from upstairs. “I didn’t see anything up there” he informed me as I handed him his mug. He took a spoon full into his mouth and smiled. “You’re a great chef!” he said satisfyingly. I chuckled and pecked his cheek. “Thanks but soup is the only thing I can make!” He smiled and scooped me up competently into his arms after grabbing my mug from me. Christian carried me over to the couch and carefully laid me down next to him and handed me back my mug.

“So, on my walk I kinda decided to explore the cottage,” He said to me slowly. “So you saw Josh was dead on the webcam?” I nodded my head to say yes. “Well, I also killed Alex on my walk. He wasn’t expecting me when I walked inside and my scent was hidden in my jacket for the most part so it was an advantage on my part.” Astonished, I observed his jacket which I now noticed was covered in large,bloody rips and tears. I carefully pulled it off and I saw his arms were covered in bruises and cuts that had a steady flow of fresh venomous blood pulsing out of them.

“Oh my god! Are you okay? You shouldn’t of gone out without me you could of gotten killed!” I said as I clobbered him in embrace. He winced and slightly pulled away. "You know Im wayy stronger than Alex" he said cooly with a sarcastic tint in his tone.“But seriously, I’m fine but would you please get me some gauze?” He pleaded. I jumped off the sofa and ran into the kitchen to scrimmage through Leighton’s overflowing first aid kit. When I returned and started covering up his wounds he continued to speak. “I didn’t want to bring you because I was scared you would get hurt.” I sighed and continued to dress his injures. “I would die for you Christian-I love you. If anything, I would rather I get hurt than have anyone hurt you.”I tsked at him. He pulled me into his arms and lightly planted a kiss on my chapped lips. “I love you too” he whispered as he tucked my chocolate locks of hair behind my ears endearingly.

Finally, when I was finished cleaning him up me took a deep breath and leaned up against him, draping my head onto his lap. “Do you think she really hates me?” I asked him, looking up at his inflicted face. Christian’s eye brows furrowed and he gave me a sorrowful look. “Well, she certainly hates me but I don’t know about you. If she does, I don’t see how that would be possible but Leighton has always been easily jealous.”

I took this into consideration and rolled it around in my mind. “Christian, if she ran from us and Josh are dead and Alex is dead, who will she have?” Christians’ face took on a pained expression and he rubbed his temples in deep thought.

                                           …“I don’t-"

Suddenly the front door handle shook and somebody pounded on the door as if they were running from a serial killer. We glanced at each other and both jumped up from the sofa at the same time. “Stay here” Christian whispered as he motioned for me to sit back on the couch. “I'm not gonna let you get hurt again, I'm coming” I said as the pounding continued. Christian reached for the brass door handle and opened the door….


The End

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