I followed scent through the forest, the rain had stopped and the moon was full, not that I need the light to see where I was going. I couldn’t believe what had happened, Alex had made things worse bring out our relationship and making it seem like it was about love, all that ‘babe don’t you love me?’ Honestly he would win an Oscar with the amount of acting he pulled back there. Josh what on earth was he playing at? Thinking he could take on vampire and not just any vampire but Alexander Vulgari descendant of the original family. A human playing hero in a vampire fight just spells disaster, I couldn’t let Alex kill him and it was down to me end this.

The scent led to me to a small cottage, it was stone built and need some T.L.C. No doubt Alex would have picked up my scent, so there was no point in sneaking in, I made my way over to the door and knocked it.

“Leighton always a pressure, I suppose you’re here about the human?” Alex lent against the door frame, his eyes unreadable. “Jo is it?”

I sighed under my breath. “Just let me in Alex please.”

He smiled and moved back shutting the door a chuckle escaped his throat, I saw Josh slumped in a chair and his hand tied to the back. Apart from a purplish mark on the side of his head Josh looked fine but asleep and breathing. Alex was clicking away on his laptop and left the blank screen facing us not that I paying much attention.

“Let go of Josh, stop playing games and get out of town.” My voice was strong surprising; Alex walked over to a cabinet and brought out a black bottle and two glasses.

“Those are pretty high demands.”

“Just stop playing games, Josh is part of the game right? So stop. He’s got a real family that love him and they don’t deserve you breaking them apart just for fun. Please just stop this.” I begged.

“You didn’t to care before.” Alex said bluntly his eyes catching mine. “You didn’t care about the families that you broke.”

I gasped hating that he was using my secret against me and wondered where he was going with it.

“Do you miss it?”

I looked towards Josh then around the room quickly. “No.” Alex smiled shaking his head as if in disappointment, then opened the black bottle and the scent hit me so fast.

“No? You sure about that?” He said slowly and poured the dark liquored in the glass, he brought it to lip and breathed in. “Hmm perfect vintage and the added element.” Then he took a sip, closing his eyes and savouring the taste. “Oh I’m sorry, would you like some wine?” A wicked smile played over his lips. He knew the effect this was having on me because; it wasn’t just red wine but was also mix with human blood.   

My heart was hammering against my chest, even though I had already fed earlier that day the thought of what was in that glass held all my attention and my feet walked without my knowing never taking my eyes of Alex.

There was a guffaw noise in the background, someone muffled something and gasped. “Le..igh. Leigh.” Alex was focused on me, the glass waiting in his hand. “Leighton.”

“My sweet Leighton would you care for a drink.” Alex whispered, I took the glass with trembling hands and slowly brought the glass to my lips. A single drop fell on my lips, my tongue touched it and the taste exploded. Then I let the ‘wine’ fall freely down my throat.

“More.” Alex raised his eyebrow at my request and refilled my glass.

“Leighton, stop this isn’t you!” Josh fully awake pulled against the rope. I stopped but only to look at Josh.

“I’m vampire Josh.” I turned away grabbing the glass taking a deep breath. “I used to me a real vampire.”

“Leighton it’s my blood in the wine.” I froze dropping the glass and going over to Josh checking his skin. “My wrist left.” I pulled the rope and held his wrist up seeing the two semi circles. I couldn’t breathe.

“Alex I can’t do this, the blood takes over.” The mix wine was affecting me already and I needed to get Josh out of here. Alex came over and pulled Josh wrist from my hand and bit into scar.

“Alex stop!” I shouted. He pulled back licked his lips over and move Josh’s bleeding wrist near me. “Don’t.” I backed away to the wall, fighting against myself. I thought back to Jessica nearly craving into the blood then but this was different. Her blood was poisoned. Josh’s was pure. He was scared. It setting off the huntress in me that I kept buried.

“Take it Leighton, I know you better than you know yourself. You need this. I can see you rfighting it. But your take it because you can.” Alex whispered watching my every move and brought Josh whimpering closer.

“You helped me before. To fight the craving. I don’t understand. I slipped up and ran for six months, blocking out my bond with Christian and fed off humans. You came and helped me find myself again.” Some tears fell, pain cursed through my body and I struggled to hold on.

“That was the biggest mistake.” Alex said and bit into Josh neck, Josh screamed out and struggled to move but Alex held him tightly. I was trembling again. “He’ll die soon painfully.” Then Alex smeared Josh blood across my face. I snarled showing sharp fangs and I couldn’t stop it any longer. I pounced.

Crash…liar…pieces everywhere…furniture thrown…rage…glass smashing…hurt…pillows ripped…hate…clothing torn...betrayal   

I gasped coughing and dropped Josh body and felt the vision end. “Christian!” The laptop hadn’t moved but had captured everything. “You didn’t?”

“I didn’t what?” Alex said casually looking very smug.

“You did…you web cam this…to Christian and Rachel…why?” Quickly I whipped the blood off my mouth and neck.

“I thought he might already know that his sweet innocence sister was really a blood thirsty killer?”

“No no no nooooo!” I grabbed Josh in my arms opened the door. “I don’t care anymore Alex and whatever we had is dead.”


“Just not now.” I took one last look and ran.


 The front door was open and Rachel was there an unreadable expression on her face. My hate for her was still floating on the surface, she moved away.

“He’s upstairs.” Rachel said in a flat voice. “You lied. To everyone.” I slapped her across the face catching her by surprise.

“Don’t you dare, try living my life and then you’re feel grateful till still have you parents.”

 I carried on upstairs to my trashed room. Christian was standing motionless his back to the door. “Christian.”

“Is it true?” His voice was unrecognisable.

“Christian please…”

He snarled turned to glare at me. “Is. It. True?”  


“For six months I thought you were in art school. I couldn’t feel you through the bond. You left me alone.” His eyes were like stones, hard and cold. “You killed in cold blood, fed on innocence lives.”

I didn’t know what to say because it was true. My deepest secret and now my once loving brother knew…and hated me.

“Alex helped me.”

“I don’t believe you…interesting how a few weeks after you return home our parents end up dead at the hands of Vulgari. Did you play part in our parent’s death?”

I gasped and stood face to face with Christian hurt and angry by his words. “Christian this is me your sister.” I went to touch his face but he moved and before I had time to react I was slammed against the wall.

“You’re no sister of mine.” His word hit me like a slap never had I heard his voice so harsh. “You betrayed me.”

“No I didn’t-

His hand shot out around my neck. “I NEVER want to see you again.” I stared at him I couldn’t believe this was happening to us, but one look in those eyes and I knew he meant every word. He dropped me taking a few steps back. “You have five seconds to get out of my life.”

“Please Christian we have to talk about this please.” Tears fell but Christian was already gone. I don’t know how long I sat there feeling lost and empty, morning was coming and I knew I had to get up gather some things and drive away. But first I had to see Alex…only that was a mistake…


When I arrived in my car I notice something different about the cottage, I stepped carefully around the bashed in door and the hair on the back on my neck stood. I could smell blood and not just Josh’s. A shiver ran up my spine. The black leather jacket was on the chair. He was on the floor. Coated with blood. The wooden stake in his chest. I knelt down carefully running my hand along his strong jaw line, golden curls and kissed him knowing it would do no good.

“Goodbye Alex.” I grabbed the leather jacket, closed the door and got back in my car hugging the jacket around my cold body. “I never forget this brother.” The car zoomed to life and made dust in the air as I drove away from my life.

The End

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