shes mine!

*this is a split chapter between Josh and Rachel,starting with Josh**
Alex was back.Here.Now.I stood unstedily in Rachels drive way trying to look brave.Well,as brave as I could muster-even if my knees were skaking as if there was an earth quake. 
"Fancy seeing you all here" Alex announced while licking his crimson lips.He wrung his hands out and squinted at Leighton with a smirk on his face."Hello my darling,Ive missed you" he called to her.Leighton blushed and looked down at the ground.I felt my cheeks grow rosy and heat ran to my face.I tried to stop myself but I just couldnt.
"SHES NOT YOURS!SHES MINE!"  Rachel,Christiane and Leighton looked at me dumbstrucken and the smirk immediatly dropped from Alex's face. 
"Is that so?" He asked me sinisterly. "Well lets see if thats true!"He sashyed over to Leighton and lifted her chin up so he was looking down at her. "Dont you love me?"He asked. "Arent I the one for you?" Leighton but her lip,unsurely.
"Well I do love you,baby.You know that I love you".Christiane an d Rachel gasped.Apperantly they hadnt been aware of this love affair...neither had I.Christiane drew Rachel in closer and wrapped his arms around her to keep her safe. "But ,uhm, the thing is...I know...".Anger filled Alex's eyes and they glowed with the dark black.His chest quickly rose up and down with deep breaths and his grasp on Leighton's chin grew tighter.
" Actually baby, I DONT know!Tell me!" He growled. Sweat dropped from Leightons hair line and you could feel the tension in the air.
"Let her go!" I yelled and karate chopped Alex's hand away from her chin.Now, Alex laughed. Puffs of steam shot out from his mouth and left wintery clouds in the chilly air. His laughed bellowed through the yard until he could barely catch his breath.
"Your in love with him?A human?A feeble mortal?!"His laughs subsided after a few secods unil he became more more serious."Well, we will see about that."Leightons brows furrowed and she pouted at him,trying to figure out what he meant.
Suddenly I felt his hostile hands crush my shoulders.He slyly smiled at me and his fangs gleamed."When you come to relise that IM the one for you, i'll bring him back...but for now he's mine!" 
I struggled against his tight grip and screamed for help."STOP IT!LET ME GO!HELP!SOMEONE!" Too late.He slung me over his shoulder like a rag doll and sprinted off under the dark canopy of the deep,dark forest.
***Rachel's POV***
"STOP!" Leighton said running after Josh and Alex.However,he heels held her back and she helplessly tried to catch up.Christiane and I ran after her and she ran into his arms."He's g-g-gone!" She sobbed."I'll never see either of them again!" I joined the hug and tried to comfort Leighton. "GET AWAY FROM ME!" She screamed at me. "Its not fair that my brother gets to have someone and I dont!And ever since you came, he loved you more!" after she was done her tantrum,she buried her head in his shirt and sobbed louder.I was shocked...what had I done wrong?Christian held her away from him and looked into her silvery eyes."Look I know your upset but dont say that.Rach hasnt done anything wrong and she was just trying to make you feel better." Leighton clenched her fists and forced herself away from his reach."See?I told you!I told you you love her more than me!More than your own sister!"And with that,Leighton ran off into the forest   with tears streaming down her face yelling "ALEX!JOSH!".But this time, we didnt stop her. 

The End

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