My Dear Angel...


Rachel and Leighton were upstairs, changing. I waited nervously, expecting Josh to appear any second. I sighed. How could I have been so stupid? Letting Josh know that we were Vamps was the worst mistake ever. No, being at school with Alex was the biggest mistake ever. I should have made Leighton and Rachel move schools before any trouble had been caused. Too late. But what to do about Josh? 

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a dark figure outside the door. Josh? No. Surely Alex wouldn't show his face. Instead of knocking, the figure just posted a note through the door. I waited for the figure to leave, picked it up and began reading: 

My Dear Angel, 

                            I have solved your problems. You won't be bothered by any pests for much longer. I've dealt with it. Either way, you'll be relieved in one way. Hope you're ok. See you round. X

What? Who? Why? The girls suddenly came down the stairs? "What's that?" Leighton asked. I shrugged and passed it to her. She read it aloud. I could sense she was uncomfortable reading it. She finished, almost trembling. There was something she wasn't telling us. "What do you think, Rach?" I asked. 

"Well. Where did you get it?" 
"Um... Someone posted it through the door. It was Alex I think. But surely, he wouldn't dare show his face!"Leighton muttered. There was an awkward silence. "Um... Shall we go to mine?" Rachel suggested, trying to conquer the silence. We left. Josh. He was stood in the drive, looking petrified. "We're not monsters, Josh," Leighton growled. 

"We're going to mine," Rachel said on a kinder note, "Would you like to come?" 

"I think I'll walk. I'll meet you there," Josh muttered, still clearly terrified. He walked away and Leighton started the car. " He thinks we're gonna bite him," Leighton sighed, as soon as Josh was out of earshot. She began driving and in no time, we were at Rachel's. We waited patiently outside for Josh.

He finally arrived and we went in. Josh was still not at ease. "We don't bite you know, Josh," Rachel said in a friendly way. Josh now seemed even more scared, probably assuming it was some sort of Vampire slang for 'We're going to bite you.' For a few minutes we just sat in silence. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. It made us all jump. Rachel went to answer it but came back, shocked. She whispered, terrified: "It's Alex."

The End

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